Jeannene and Michael

Proposal Ideas Roberto Clemente Bridge - Pittsburgh, PA

How We Met

Jeannene and Michael were in separate cohorts during their graduate programs at Slippery Rock University and their friendship started to bloom at a conference in Gettysburg. Jeannene heard a rumor that Michael had brought tequila to the conference and they both bonded quickly over their shared love of tequila. Later that evening during a tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield, they also bonded over their love for shenanigans and climbing things when Michael gave Jeannene a boost onto a monument and also climbed up himself. Their mutual interests for tequila, climbing on things, and fun photoshoots built the foundation for a fantastic friendship and they eventually fell in love and lived happily ever after with their cat Juno!

How They Asked

Michael and Jeannene were planning to go into Pittsburgh to watch a Penguins game when Michael suggested that they put a love lock on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. Jeannene placed their lock on the bridge and when she turned around, Michael was on one knee and proposing.

Jeannene pretty much blacked out at that moment from all of the happiness but Michael confirms that she did indeed say, “yes!”. Michael also surprised her by coordinating with her friend to have a photographer there to take photos of the proposal. After all, the excitement calmed down and they took a bunch of pictures, they threw the lock’s keys into the river forever sealing their love!

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Special Thanks

Nick Koehler
 | Photographer