Jeanne and Nick


How We Met

We first met when we were both working at Quail Hallow Country Club and there was a spark the moment we started talking! That led to me asking if she would go see the Hangover part II, what I thought was as friends, into a beautiful date!


how they asked

Our first date was to Mentor Great Lakes movie theater to see the Hangover Part II. I had a plan all in mind for months that I would want to make the proposal there, where our first date was! On Friday the 18th, her sister was coming into town from school and I told her I had to work 2:45-8:45 so I couldn’t make the movie…. or was I…?! However, we could go out after the movie, Fantastic Beasts, so dress nice! I had gone to work at 5 & called her from the work phone it showed I was there and had coworkers make background noise.

I had roughly 20 family and friends appear at the theater and hide in the front where I situated there seating arrangement.  A few random coworkers she wouldn’t recognize. As I hid in the bathroom sweating profusely, her sister sends me a text that says she’s been seating where I told her to have her sit and the lights go dark. Little did she know, the movie trailer was staring yours truly….



Our Video

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