Jeanna and Bradley

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How We Met

Unknowingly we both decided to show up for our first November Project workouts in July 2015. He kept showing up on a regular basis, while I routinely hit snooze. It wasn’t until Jeanna decided that she would show up to every November Project in November that we would meet. On November 11, 2015 our barely awake eyes met, followed by the exchange of names, smiles and hugs. Throughout the morning workout He kept encouraging Me to get a little lower on my push-ups. He was too charming and cute to not oblige.We both left smiling.

Two days later at the next November Project workout a Facebook friendship was formed and several high fives were exchanged. When he ran up to to Me to say goodbye and have a good weekend I thought i had caught his eye. Later that day a mutual love of cats of was established and a next day race question prompted the exchange of numbers. An easy conversation followed and the next day running selfies were exchanged. I was heading out for a craft beer event with friends and asked him wanted to join. His afternoon plans fell through (thanks Jess) and he was only a Lyft ride away from a day that would change both of our lives. The budding friendship quickly turned into hard core flirting and the rest they say is history.

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how they asked

November Project has a tradition of doing yearbook photos for all of its 40 plus tribes and he said I had to go to that workout. I grumbled about going. I had just gotten diagnosed with a stress fracture and was devestated I wouldn’t be running the Paris half marathon with him. After all he had spilled the beans he was planning to propose at the finish. At this point he had gotten other involved. He really wanted to get our yearbook photo together. Our friend Chris said he would keep me company during my now modified workout and so I decided to go on yearbook day.

When I arrived a lot of friends were there who hadn’t been showing up very often. Hmm maybe it’s today during this picture he’s mentioned. Halfway through the workout the picture gets taken and we go about our workouts. At the end of each workout the whole tribe gathers for a group photo on the art museum steps. Before the photo they’ll make a few announcements and occasional give out some unusual prizes or awards (squash,deck of cards). When they announced rhey’d Be giving out an award for best picture of the day it fit in perfectly with their unusual ways.

The co-leaders of the workout group got the envelope from the photographer. They presented it full awards show fashion and called us uo together, we had one best yearbook photo. Once we walked up and were standing in the spot we met at, surrounded by our friends it hit. At 7:15 on a cold February morning he got down one knee and i said yes. He’s pretty sure I said yes even before he got the words out. It was perfect.

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The crowd cheered. Friends was scattered throughout the crowd to take pictures and celebrate with bubble guns, champagne, cookies.

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