Jeanette and Joshua


How We Met

We met in high school! He was totally crushing for a long time and I finally came around – I couldn’t be happier that I did!

how they asked

It was starting to get cold in NY so Josh and I headed to Mexico for our annual little vacation! Mexico has always been our fav vacation place and this time we stayed in Tulum for the first time at a super cute hotel right on the beach.

On our 2nd night, we had dinner reservations at Hartwood (the go-to spot) and before dinner Josh wanted to grab a drink on the beach and take some sunset pictures! He was totally rushing me to get ready, which I thought was weird, but we had dinner res so I figured he just wanted to make sure we had time for drinks before.


After grabbing some spicy pinapple margaritas (delish!), we walked down the beach to an area with no other people. After taking some pics Josh dropped down to one knee! Neither of us remember what was said, but I must have said yes, right?!



Everything about it was absolutely perfect!




Special Thanks

Laura Monte Photography | 
Engagement photographer