Jeanette and Jerry

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how we met

Well, so how did we really meet… Jeanette and myself have had numerous mutual longterm friends but somehow never ended up crossing each other’s paths. So I did what every man would do in this case, seeing how God couldn’t get the job done for me… I added her on Facebook! Subtle comments led to subtle messages back and forth, and repeat denials of me asking her to hang out. I tried it all, from “let’s have some drinks” to “let’s take the boat out”. She denied me every which way, in the nicest form, until one day I got a message saying she was going out with some friends and I should stop by and say “hi”. Ever since that night neither of our lives have been the same.

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how they asked

How do you pull off an amazing surprise like this when you girlfriend is the nosiest on earth and you yourself are the worst at keeping a secret? It was by far one of the hardest things I had to do ever in my life. Luckily, her other ring had lost a small stone, so I was able to get her ring size when I took it in to get it replaced.

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We love Santa Cruz and go there regularly for vacation. With her expressing that she had always dreamed of a beach wedding I thought why not start this incredible journey where she wants to start the rest of our lives. So I planned a trip to Santa Cruz to stay in our favorite hotel and asked if she would like to do “anniversary photos”. She thought that would be a great idea. I then booked Tony and Lisa, knowing that they would be a great fit for the occasion. While in Santa Cruz, they were able to help me coordinate and make sure the secret stayed a secret. The four of us met on the beach where we started the photos. Tony then asked her to do some solo photos so I could prepare myself.

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After grabbing the ring that would not come out of the box, I popped the big question!! Tony and Lisa did a great job at not only taking amazing photos but making sure she felt extremely special on one of the biggest days of our lives.

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