Jeanette and Christopher

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How We Met

We met in the first week of our first year of uni back in January 2014, where we were both studying accounting. I was immediately drawn to Christopher, and though he was quite possibly one of the most beautiful men I’d ever seen! Unfortunately, he was in a pretty serious relationship back then, so we were merely acquaintances until I moved apartments in 2016 and we discovered we lived opposite each other.

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We started hanging out almost every day and went from acquaintances to friends, to best friends, and by then I’d completely fallen in love with him. He wasn’t quite ready for anything serious so we kept it casual, but kept getting closer. By June 2017 he knew he loved me too, so we made our relationship official, and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

We went ring shopping in May 2019, our final year of uni, but I knew Christopher wouldn’t pop the question until we knew what our next step was. He and his family bought a business in January 2020 which we then started to run, so I knew it would be coming soon.

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Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol has been our song since the start, we both sing so we’d played around with the song many times, and I told Christopher that one day I wanted to walk down the aisle to that song because of how much it had come to mean to me. He then had this great idea that we should record a cover of the song for that very purpose.

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I was super suspicious going into the recording, but he convinced me that the ring hadn’t been finished yet and that he still wanted to wait a bit before we got engaged. So we went into the studio, recorded the song, and then started doing the music video.

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The videographer had us embrace each other at the end of every take, but on the last take, Christopher didn’t come in for it, so I took a step back thinking it was all over, which was when he got down on one knee, and with the biggest nervous smile on his face, he asked me to be his wife – cue the tears! (The whole cover and proposal video can be found on my IGTV – @jeanettetillanah)

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The surprises didn’t end there! He then told me that we’d be having dinner with both of our best friends that night to celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants, and lastly, he’d planned a surprise engagement shoot with ELEPHANTS (!!!) 3 days later – I am CRAZY about elephants coz I grew up around a sanctuary of them! This guy absolutely blew me away with how much thought and planning had gone into this – he knows me so well!

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Special Thanks

Phillip Fouché
 | Videographer
Lisa Mildenhall
 | Photographer
Carmen White
 | Fashion Designer, Second Shooter, Hair & Makeup
Adventures with Elephants
 | Elephant Photoshoot Venue