Jeana and Aaron

How We Met

We met in the city, he stopped and asked me for directions. After giving him directions he asked if he could give me his number to make sure he gets to where he is going safely. I told him sure without any hesitation and texted him later that night to make certain that he did get to his location. He called me later that night where we spent hours on the phone, he asked if he could take me out to dinner and I of course said Yes!

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how they asked

I went to work finding a letter on my desk with a riddle; it was from my fiancé sending me on a scavenger hunt! I spent the entire day reading riddles and poems which involved my staff but they wouldn’t give me any clues as to what was going on. The last note read to meet him at my parent’s house at 6:15pm on the dot and to wear what he left . He left me a dress that I ordered for our anniversary a week prior which did’nt get to me on time,shoes and of course my makeup bag! (He did good on that part). I got to my parent’s house at exactly 6:15pm where I was surprised with rose petals on the floor which led me right to him! He asked me to marry him and I of course said yes! I was surrounded by my friends and family the entire time and didn’t know!

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