Jean and Jeff


How We Met

We met on August 12th, 2015 via Tinder.  We connected on FaceTime and talked for 5 hours that night. He was Italian. He wore vintage sunglasses and a backward hat. On the third date, I stayed with him through the weekend. On our fourth date, I stayed a week. By the sixth, we were PB&J, cookies & cream, Jeff & Jean.

how they asked

In my power pants and black heels, I went to see a documentary with a group of my closest girlfriends. At the concession stand, I bought Sour Patch Kids because it was Jeff’s favorite, and of course, it had become mine too. We cozied into our seats and I chatted with my girlfriend about Chef’s Tableas the trailers played.

Until a man that looked like Jeff appeared on the movie screen. He scrolled through Tinder and matched with “Jean.” Just as Jeff and I had. He FaceTimed her. Just as Jeff and I had. He met her at the Flat Iron in downtown Manhattan. She wore a pink summer dress, just like the one I wore on our first date. He thumbed his camo backpack nervously — as Jeff had.

I was watching our first date. And, as James Arthur’s voice sang, “I’m certain that I’m yours…,” I thought of all Jeff’s late nights staging and filming the scenes, just for me.

The screen said Coming Soon. He walked out in a black tailored suit. He got down on one knee. I said yes so many times.


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