Jean and Eric

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How We Met

We met each other on an app called Coffee meets Bagel. We were matched after Jean was on the app for 1 day! She always jokes around saying how she didn’t get the chance to shop around before choosing me. We had our first date at an oyster bar in Plymouth, Michigan. It was in August and the weather was warm and slightly humid. Jean was new to online dating and was very skeptical. She later told me how she researched online exactly what to do when meeting an online stranger. She had told 2 friends where she was going to be and mapped out the exits in advance just in case! I, on the other hand, did no such preparation and was just excited to meet this girl! We had instant chemistry. Jean was a school teacher by trade that had lived in Korea for the past 5 years teaching English and traveling around southeast Asia, and I was a free-spirited car designer. We met at 8pm and ended up talking past 12am. We walked around a park, holding melting ice cream cones, laughing and talking about our life philosophies and dreams. After we both realized how late it had become, we hugged and said our goodbyes with sheepish smiles. And as I walked toward my car, a thought slowly crept into my mind: “Huh.. I wonder if she could be the one?

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how they asked

I’m a ‘go big or go home’ kind of guy. So I knew I wanted to make a bang with the proposal. So a few weeks prior to February 19th, I asked about 40 people from my church if they wanted to help me propose to my girlfriend. I expected a few people to people, but to my surprise almost all of them were ecstatic to help! So I slowly started putting together a plan. I organized some simple choreography and location schematics. We hung string lights from the ceiling and bought flowers and coordinated our clothes. With a few practices under our belt, we were ready for the real thing. The day of, I told Jean we were going to go eat dinner with some friends in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On the way to dinner, I told her I forgot my backpack at church and asked if we could stop by to grab it. She apathetically agreed. Once we arrived, I told her to stay in the car and ran inside to “get my backpack”. Once inside, everyone was waiting in the dark to surprise Jean. With everything set, I called Jean and asked her to come inside to help me look. Once she opened the door, the rest is history.

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