Jean and Brian

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How We Met

We met about 2.5 years ago through a common good friend. We started out as eating and drinking buddies. We then decided to join the gym together just so we wouldn’t put on too much weight indulging in the constant food and drink sessions. That’s how we started dating – through food, drinks and gym sessions. Well balanced :P

how they asked -> The full very lengthy version of the proposal can be found here.

A summarized version:

In March, B asked me if I wanted to go to Amsterdam. I wasn’t sure where exactly on the map it was, but who would say no to an opportunity to travel ? So I said, sure and started counting down the days to our trip to Europe. Little did I know, this sneaky guy already had a rough plan in his mind. Leading up to the trip, B was extremely busy with work and to be honest, though some friends suggested that he MAY propose on the trip, I was sure he wasn’t going to because he was so busy and didn’t know my ring size ! (Even I did not have a clue what my size was.)

One thing I wanted to do in Amsterdam was go hot air ballooning. The day we were originally scheduled to balloon, did not happen because of bad weather; but thank God we managed to the next day despite a seemingly bleak start. This was day 4 of our 14 day trip and B was not acting strange nor it did not seem at all like he was going to pop the question.

The hot air balloon experience was amazing. There were six of us in a basket and a pilot. The start was a little scary and rough but 10 minutes into the flight, the view was so amazingly spectacular. Our pilot said we were lucky because the skies were so clear; not a cloud to be seen ! The sun was setting, the weather was fantastic and as I was amused looking at them cows frolicking around a field, B suddenly tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around to see Stephanie (our new found friend and make do videographer) holding B’s phone, so I smiled thinking she was taking a photo for us. It took 2 seconds for me to realize B was kneeling down holding a ring asking, ‘Jean Foo, do you want to marry me?’ My mind was a whirlwind, my heart was racing and I was first confused. ‘Is that a ring ?! Is he on his knees ?! Did he just call me my full name ?! IS HE PROPOSING ?’

When my brain decided it knew what was happening, my heart took over and I cried. I cried before I remembered to say YES ! I cried because I was overwhelmed with love and couldn’t believe he just proposed to me in mid-air whilst the glorious sun was setting ! The 4 other ladies on the flight with us cheered and repeatedly told us how special the moment was for them as well. The first question I asked him was, ‘Do my parents even know?’ He chuckled and said yes, they do. B had gone to my house one night when I was out for dinner with a friend to ask for their permission and blessing. At this point, I started tearing again because once again, I cannot believe that there would be anyone who will love me enough, to go out his way to ask my parents for their blessings and worked with a jeweller months before to design an engagement ring just for me. (‘:

We landed with a crash and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate our (somewhat) safe landing and engagement.

Everything was perfect. The view, the flight, the people, the timing, the ring !

I am so blessed and so loved and am so thankful. My heart is full. (:

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