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Every so often 8 of my closest girl cousins and myself will get a hotel room so we can have a night out in the city. We’ll get dinner, go out to a bar and then our favorite part, late night SNACKS. What I thought was going to be a typical girls night out turned out to be the happiest night of my life. One of my cousins picked me up from work, I’m a hairdresser so naturally I was a hot mess after a Saturday of being booked solid, and we drove the hotel that my cousins picked because she said she’s stayed there before and it’s Beautiful and right on the water. Usually when we get the cheapest hotel we can find but this time we decided to splurge.

So we showed up to Boston Yatch Haven and Marina and Shannon (a cousin) said she didn’t have a key so we had to go around back because the back was unlocked. So we go around and I obviously stopped to snap a picture of the water because it was BEAUTIFUL. So as we turn the corner I saw all these roses taped to the ground. I decided to avoid the roses because I was like “why the heck are there roses on the ground that’s so weird.” Then I felt shannon drifting away from me so I turned around and was like “why are you stoping?” Then she gave me the LOOK and I instantly started bawling.

I followed the roses to a boat stiring wheel that said “read me” in child handwriting. (Andy, my now fiancé, always rights in all capital letters so he wanted to throw me off) inside the letter said “turn around” and there he was, he kissed me on the forehead, handed me roses and said “you know I love you right.” I blacked out for the rest but I know I said yes!

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All my cousins came running out crying congratulating us! So naturally I asked ” what about our girls night?” So andy said I’m still going out with them later on but he’s coming out to dinner with us. So we’re all getting ready in the hotel and then we make our way to dinner. We went across the street to Joe’s on the water and when we walked in andy surprised me with 50+ people to celebrate. When we showed no one knew we got engaged because Andy made a Facebook group saying I got a work promotion and he wanted to throw a surprise so I could celebrate with everyone who means the most to me. I mean I’m a hairdresser so how can I get a work promotion lol so when we showed up it was a surprise to some people we got engaged! It was THE best night of my life and he did an amazing job with the help of my cousins Shannon, Melanie, Cassie, Kayla, Kelly, Nicole, Julie and Annemarie

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