A JDate Success Story!

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How we met: We met each other on a dating website called JDate which is for Jewish singles and I sent Jennifer an email asking her to coffee to get to know her better. We met at Starbucks and the conversation started rolling. It went longer then we both expected it to and I had to cut it short as I needed to get to work. So I called her the next day asking her on a more normal dinner and bowling date. Dinner was great but bowling is where the connection really occurred. I actually lost the first game and mid way through the second game I gave her a high five hug for getting a strike and the moment happened where we kissed and the rest is history.



basketball-engagement-photosHow I proposed: My best friend/wedding photographer, Adam Parth, helped me set this up. I planned on taking pictures with Jennifer at the beach, simply so we had some nice pictures, at least that’s what I told her. I had Adam’s wife Julia come help to make it more believable. We drove to Port Hueneme in Ventura and found a nice quiet spot on the beach with a great vantage point of the ocean as a background to set the scene. And before the first “real” shot was actually taken I made a little scene and said that before we take any pictures I wanted to make one thing official. That’s when I got down on one knee and asked the question, “Jennifer will you marry me?” And her response was not “yes” but “of course”. Adam captured the moment and then we had a small photo session to commemorate the event, which was really cool and came out great!

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Photos by Silver Gecko Photography