Jazmyne and Ryan

Jazmyne Aria and Ryan Joseph's Engagement in Clutha River

How We Met

We met on the set of a movie we were both doing. Him being one of the lead actors, and me being his makeup artist. I had been called in last minute to work on this month long shoot as couple days before pre-production and was weirdly enough available! It was just me and the head makeup artist, then on shoot days we had casual makeup artists, so we were pretty one on one for the main actors. The first day I met Ryan, he came into the makeup room with shaggy hair, cool denim jacket on and a faded New York Yankees hat and just thought he was the epitome of cool! First up I had to wash his hair so we could cut it to more of the genre of the film, so I made sure I gave him an extra relaxing head rub! My parents are both hairdressers, so I had a couple tricks up my sleeve. …and the rest was history!!

Jazmyne Aria's Proposal in Clutha River

how they asked

Ryan, his brother and sister in law had planned a bike trip for us all down by the Roxburgh Dam, in Central Otago, NZ. His brother and sister in law (Daniel and Jessica) were over for Ohio (first time in 7 years) with their 6 month old baby girl, Aroha. So I thought it was so we could all spend some time together. You have to drive to this bike track, and on the way I said how my Opa had proposed to my Oma here years ago when they moved over here from Holland after the war. My Opa had started work on the Roxburgh Dam to make some money to bring my Oma over to New Zealand for a better life. Cut to lunch time, we’ve only been riding for about 45 mins and Ryan says we should stop for lunch, so we find a nice spot next to the Clutha River, then Daniel and Jessica ride past without stopping, in confused by this but I want to take a photo of the stunning river so I walk over to the edge of the water and start taking photos…

While I’ve been taking photos Ryan says to me “Jaz what about some photos over this way?”, to that I said “no there’s nothing over there..”, then he has to say it a couple times for me to actually turn around, to which he is on one knee, sinking into the mud because he had been waiting patiently behind me for a couple of minutes, and it was there I said “OMG YES” to the man of my dreams!

It was such a perfect and special place for us, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Special Thanks

Jazmyne Aria van Gosliga