Jazmine and Justin

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How We Met

Justin and I met at college in LA. We both were really involved at school, and technically I was his boss. One day after work, I asked my co-workers who wanted to go grab some dinner. Justin was the only one who spoke up. We awkwardly went to dinner alone. But thank goodness we did because from then on we were inseparable. Our love for adventure, politics, and sushi developed into an unbreakable bond. We are truly best friends in every sense of the word.

how they asked

Justin and I met in college in LA. Post-grad, when it came time to pursue our careers, we couldn’t imagine doing long distance. So I took a leap of faith and moved to Seattle with him. Justin knew that moving somewhere for my boyfriend was nerve racking for both me and my parents. I like to consider myself a feminist. The day after I settled into my new place, the errands Justin “needed” to run coincidently found us right by Kerry Park. Kerry Park is known in Seattle for its amazing view of the skyline. Justin just had to show me the “view.” Little did I know he would be showing me a lot more when he got down on one knee, poured his sweet heart out, and opened that little square box!

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Special Thanks

Davah Lynn
 | Photographer