Jazmine and Chris

Image 2 of Jazmine and Chris

How We Met

We met as kids in school. Our moms went to elementary school together so it was destined for us to be best friends. It wasn’t until High School that our eyes for eachother went from friends to lovers. We dated throughout high school and then actually took 6 years to break while they were 400 miles apart during college.

Image 1 of Jazmine and Chris

Well, we can fast forward and just say what’s meant to be will always be because we found our way back to eachother and have been inseparable ever since. We share a little boy named Christian who is 4 and we have 2 dogs children Cuddie and Cairo.

How They Asked

Chris and I planned a trip to Disneyland for our son’s 4th birthday. Little did I know he had another motive. He invited our entire family and even my best friend and there we were 14 bodies in front of the castle taking a group picture with matching shirts. He even had a photographer there to get every picture and angle.

Image 2 of Jazmine and Chris

Our family quickly dispersed and Chris dropped to one knee grabbing my hand and asking me to be his wife. He was crying which made me cry and I cried, even more, when I saw the big rock in ring form.

Image 1 of Jazmine and Chris

After I gladly accepted my best friend was pulling out custom shirts and Mickey ears that read “Just engaged” It was very magical and I felt like a princess standing in front of the castle. Disneyland is my favorite place n the world and it was always a dream of mine, and for Chris to propose at my favorite place makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and I cannot wait to marry him.Image 4 of Jazmine and Chris

Special Thanks

Kianna Settles
 | Photographer