Jazmine and Alex

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How We Met

The first time I met Alex, I was about 12 years old sitting next to my Grandma at her church when she pointed out ‘the sweetest boy’ sitting in the choir with his Dad and Grandpa. The second time I met Alex, I was 13 when my Grandma again pointed out ‘the sweetest boy’ sitting in the choir. Despite my eye-rolls, this continued for the next 7 or 8 years at every Christmas, Easter, and every other phone call where she would tell me to look for Alex if he was coming up to my city for a soccer game or band competition. I have come to realize that she was to get us together, and I am so thankful for her stubbornness!

Her plan was foolproof, except that she somehow forgot one little detail-she never told ALEX about ME. Now, Alex is a lot of things, but observant isn’t really one of them, so he never noticed some new girl sitting in the pew that week, no matter how gorgeous she was ;) Fast forward to the summer after our sophomore year of college. We were both at different schools, in different cities, on completely different paths. Alex was about to transfer to the University of Minnesota while I was about to transfer to the University of South Dakota-dating was the last thing on either of our radars. Thankfully, God had a plan bigger than either one of ours.

As unromantic as it may be, Alex finally happened upon me online. I was happy to learn that he hadn’t been uninterested all those years, just oblivious (I think that’s better, right?). We started talking and never stopped; we immediately clicked in a way that neither one of us had ever experienced. I had never felt as comfortable with someone as quickly as I did with Alex, even though i was still slow to tell him how long I had truly known him. At every turn, I was able to see his strong leadership, stunning love, and passion for family. Slowly, and then all at once, I knew that he was the one I had been praying for and waiting for all these years.

We began our ‘official’ relationship when Alex took me to spend the weekend at his childhood summer camp in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We were overwhelmed with love for each other and overcome with God’s presence there in the woods. I felt a confidence and peace I had never known with the choice to begin a relationship with this man.

how they asked

It was a moment on Kailua Beach in Oahu, Hawaii while the sun was just rising over the cresting waves. It was a moment a lifetime in the making. We had been planning a family trip to Hawaii to visit my brother for over a year, and a few months before we were about to leave, my parents had surprised me by inviting Alex to join us! I was overjoyed to share 2 weeks in paradise with everyone I love so deeply. It was a few days before we were about to leave Hawaii when Alex woke me up at 5:45 am so that we could see the sunrise once before we had to fly home. We took the short walk to to beach barefoot and as soon as my toes hit the sand with Alex by my side, I felt completely at peace. We had gotten to the ocean a few minutes before the sun was supposed to rise so we stood watching the waves crash, reveling in the beauty of the mountains and the sun peeking above the waves.

That’s when he took my hands. I couldn’t believe what was happening, I had been hoping for this moment since I met him and I was overwhelmed with joy. Tears filled my eyes as he talked about our future together and how beautiful I was in that moment. He got down on one knee right in the sand and asked me to be his wife.

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Throughout the proposal, he had enlisted my sister to capture it on camera and had asked my Dad for permission about 4 months earlier-he had really thought of everything! I cannot imagine a more perfect or romantic proposal from the man I will spend the rest of my life with.

Special Thanks

Chloe Brown
 | Photography