Jazmin and Raydel

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How We Met

LOVE: The Best Medicine for the Game of Life. As a new medical graduate I felt a sense of accomplishment in life. Everything was seemingly perfect except for one thing: I was single and highly skeptical about finding LOVE. Yes, that four-letter word was not my best subject. I had mastered the science of love and the chemical reactions of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, but was doubtful in my personal life. I had given up on finding ‘The One’ until my mother sent me a photograph with an attached message that read: “This is my client’s younger brother. We would love for you two to meet.” A bit hesitant I agreed and we exchanged information. He told me he lived in Miami and played baseball for the LA Dodgers AA team. I told him I was a recent graduate and would be visiting Naples, FL during the winter holidays. Weeks later, as communication became scarce, I let him know I was in town and he decided to meet the following day. January, 5th, 2014, after a couple of hours on the road and close to the point of never showing up, he arrives at the door. All I could see were his beautiful eyes as they followed me while I greeted him with a hug. He was shy and barely spoke. We stopped in several places around town. As the day progressed, his timidness diminished and he became more open and talkative. He said I made him feel secure and confident like no one else. I was slowly breaking down that wall of doubtfulness and replacing it with feelings a textbook could never explain. Heading towards the car, I held his hand as he looked me in surprise. Holding me close he said, “I need you in my life. Will you be my girlfriend?”. I answered, “Yes!”.

how they asked

A year later, where we first met, at his birthday celebration and farewell party before heading off to Spring Training, in front of our closest family and friends, with tears in his eyes he got down on one knee and surprised me with the most beautiful engagement ring. Two years later, we are planning our wedding and it’s all possible because of that four-letter word: LOVE.

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