Jayne and Victor

How We Met

Victor moved to Ireland in 2008 and began working in a toy shop. I started working there later that year. We worked together for a year but doing opposite hours. We kissed on a work night out and the rest is history. We were officially a couple on 26th September 2009 and hope to marry on 26th September 3017 :)

We moved to Winnipeg, Canada in 2010 for a year and spent months in Brazil in 2012 before deciding to settle for good in Ireland.

how they asked

We went to visit Victors family in Brazil for two weeks. We had spent four months in the city back in 2012 so we spent a lot of time reminiscing about the time we had there. The day before his birthday we had the day to ourselves. We spent an amazing day walking on the beach in the sun, holding hands, laughing, and having a beer or two of course. We went to his brother’s apartment briefly and then left to go for a walk.

We walked to the beach and when we got there I was greeted with a message in a bottle, with a rose under a palm tree. It was perfect, though I still didn’t believe it was happening. Victor told me to read the message and he got down and popped the question.

We had a wonderful dinner in the moonlight, it was like a dream.

Image 1 of Jayne and Victor

Image 2 of Jayne and Victor