Jayna and Sonial

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How We Met

We met on an app summer of 2015, I wasn’t really dating at the time and had downloaded this app for fun and had matched Sonial. It said he lived in LA (which for me living in Orange County felt like a trek) but I thought what the heck,he was cute and swiped left. Little did I know he was actually from Atlanta visiting LA, definitely a no in my book at the time. I soon deleted that app a few days later but forgot I had given him my number. He started texting me here and there and I would respond to amuse myself. Little did I know he would consistently start calling me once a week and after a few months asked me if he could come out to visit me that September.

I was a little hesitant at first but thought yolo he seemed like a nice guy, and a man flying out to go on a first date felt like a great effort. For our first date I took him on a little Orange County tour starting with Newport Beach and somewhere in between a Balboa Island Duffy ride and watching the sunset along the pacific coast our chemistry and instant comfort with each other was apparent. From that first whirlwind weekend to now, our long distance relationship has been an adventure between The South and Southern California!

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how they asked

We were on a trip to Cabo San Lucas to celebrate our 30th birthdays since our birthdays fall within 18 days of each other. The day we arrived at the resort Sonial told me we had strict dinner reservations for 5pm and as the restaurant was “in demand” that was the only reservation available. Having only arrived at 3pm I felt rushed and asked him if we could switch reservations which he told me we couldn’t. He also mentioned he wanted to take photos (which never happens, so it did feel a little fishy) but I was game, where ever there is a camera, he knows I’ll be there. On the way to the restaurant I noticed we were taking the long way and as I was about to complain I saw a set up on the beach with a rose petal runner and a table for two, I thought how romantic (little did I know this set up was for me).

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As we walked closer I realized this was our dinner set up and he took my hand, ushered me towards the bonfire where he got down on one knee, and proposed.

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He chose the beach and pacific ocean because he knows I hold it close to my heart. It was truly one of the most romantic moments of my life. Little did I know he had been planning this proposal for months, and the people who greeted us upon arrival at the resort were all in on the secret the whole time.

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