Jayna and Malcolm

Jayna and Malcolm's Engagement in Henderson, Texas

How We Met

Malcolm and I met in June of 2014 while out for my roommates birthday party in Dallas. We had previously connected though an social media dating platform and our mutual friend had gone to high school and college with Malcolm and insisted “You need to date him!” We did not meet in person until eight months after first connecting but it was well worth the wait! I can still see him standing outside waiting and remember thinking how cute he was. The day after my roommates birthday, Malcolm picked me up and took me on our first “official” date. He had remembered me saying how much I liked tacos and took me to my favorite taco spot in Dallas. We both realized we had something special when after three hours we were still sitting at the table talking, completely oblivious to the world. We have been inseparable since!

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how they asked

Malcolm’s family has a farm in East Texas that has been in their family for several generations and includes a 100 year-old farm house where he grandmother was born on the front of the property and a lake house on the back of the property.

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Jayna's Proposal in Henderson, Texas

Malcolm has spent his entire life during holidays and family events on the farm and I have grown to love this land just as much having joined in those holidays and events over the three years we have dated. Over Memorial Day weekend we planned a fun weekend at the farm with friends,nothing out of the ordinary for a long summer weekend. That Saturday Malcolm told me we would be going to a concert for dinner and entertainment. When I got dressed and ready to leave I realized Malcolm had gone missing. He called his best friend Tom who was at the farm house with me and explained he had gotten a vehicle stuck down by the lake and to come get him. When we got down to the lake our friends escorted me out of the car and towards the lake dock.

Once I hit the stone walkway, there was Malcolm…standing there on the dock, beautifully decorated, flowers in hand waiting for me! He proposed there on the lake dock where have spent hours sitting and talking and where we fell and love over the years! After I said yes!

We had the opportunity to take pictures with the photographer Malcolm had arranged and drink champagne and enjoy our time engaged!

Once we left the lake dock we went back up to the farm house to find my family and his along with friends had set up a surprise engagement party for us! We began our new journey surrounded by the people we love most sitting around a dinner table laughing, eating and drinking, and being engaged! Also, Malcolm had arranged with my manager before the weekend for me to have an additional day off of work the next week so when we got home we were able to sleep in and have a longer than expected weekend together.

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