Jaymin and Sarika

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How We Met

Our story isn’t your typical love story where we meet at school or a social gathering. I would rather say faith is what brought us together. In 2014, Jaymin and I were traveling to India on the same flight, thank you (Emirates). He was with some of his friends and I was with my cousin and coincidentally his friend knew my cousin. However, Jaymin being Jaymin – we never spoke that day. Since Instagram was hip and happening then, I added him but he didn’t accept my request (whomp). Most people around that age are looking around for potential significant others, but Jaymin was different. His main priority was school at that time, and now when I look back to that, I truly respect him for being so focused and driven to be the best man he can be for his family and friends. Also, Jaymin was a shy and quiet boy, not the one to flirt or talk to a girl.

After that trip, I saw him again on campus and that’s when I found out that he was also attending Kean University for his undergrad. We would see each other around campus, but no acknowledgment, he would do his own thing and I would do mine.

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April 2014, my life came crashing down. My grandfather passed away on my birthday due to stage 4 cancer. He was my best friend and the most important person in my life. After his passing my life wasn’t the same, I felt as if a piece of me was missing. However, that summer our guru was coming to America from India and that was a great way to distract my thoughts. That whole summer I volunteered at the BAPS Temple in Robbinsville, helping to prep for his arrival. During this time, I saw Jaymin again, because he was also highly involved at that temple and so we began seeing each other often, that summer.

May 11th, 2015, he officially accepted my Instagram request that was sent over a year ago. The very next day I had commented on a picture he posted of Milan airport saying “U forgot to tag me :) I was there too patiently waiting”. That one comment lead to us becoming close friends and who knew that one day it would lead to forever.

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I felt as if he was a gift from God and moreover my grandfather, who felt this is the perfect match for me. Jaymin reminded me of my grandfather in all ways. He was tall like my grandpa, cared for me more than himself, supported me, and put that smile back on my face that had disappeared. I had a feeling that he had fallen for me but my feelings for him were just not there. We were totally different people, I am super loud and crazy and Jaymin is very reserved and quiet (until you get to know him). Anyone that knows Jaymin and I personally would say the same thing, but like they say, ‘opposites attract’ and that phrase really stands by us. During that time many of my close friends told me to give Jaymin a chance and how it was not going to hurt me and I would be stupid of letting go of him because we were different people.

Our first date was during his birthday in June, and you could say since that movie date we’ve been inseparable. Jaymin made one promise to me that year, no matter what happens I would be his first and last love, no person or argument would ever break us apart. Many of these statements are said in movies and are fictional, but my BEAST not only said it but has stood by his words till date and I have no doubt in my mind that he will always be my better half.

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how they asked

This past year I mentioned to Jaymin how I wanted to go to Disney. I may have been the only girl who probably hasn’t ever been there. He knew I was a Disney girl at heart, from the movies and characters, I knew it all. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, and Jaymin and his team (shout out to my brother, his brother & his sister-in-law) for coming up with the perfect plan. If anyone knows me, I am very hard to surprise cause I’m super nosy and always wondering if this was going to happen or if he was planning it (definitely drove all my friends nuts with the absurd amount of questions). I was super happy to find out that he sent my ring with his friend to India to have the ring Prasadi (Sanctify) by our guru.

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Priya, his sister-in-law called me up two weeks before and said her work was giving her two tickets to Orlando for a conference and if I wanted to come with her. Me being me, I did not hesitate, this was a dream come true after 26 years. Jaymin and Ankit (his brother) were both going to Atlanta for their work retreat, which they go to every year, hence I believed them. They went to the extent of showing me a fake ticket, just so I wouldn’t be suspicious. Ankit (his brother) even mentioned going to California in August to sidetrack me from thinking it would happen in Disney.

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I was told Saturday morning we have a breakfast at the BE OUR GUEST restaurant. I was super excited as it was a Beauty and the Beast themed location. My brother told Jaymin how I was wearing white, yellow, and blue, so of course, my Beast had to wear his blue suit with yellow tie. When we arrived at the hotel the front desk, the lady said to Priya, “Are your checking in for Princeton orthopedic?” As soon as I heard that, I was for sure this is just a work trip, no thoughts about proposal what so ever.

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When we arrived at the castle I was taking a picture alone in the front and that is when I heard a voice from behind me say Sarika. When I turned around I had one reaction OH MY GOD, WHAT! I had so many feelings going through my body, I had no idea what to think or feel, all I wanted to do was cry (in the happiness of course). This was a dream come true, a fairytale story and my BEAST was right there asking me to spend the rest of my life with him and by his side. I obviously said YES and I know this was the best decision I’ve ever made. Jaymin truly outdid yourself and I know I am the luckiest girl to call myself your fiancé and wife to be. I love you and cannot wait to start our future together.

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Special Thanks

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