Jaymie and Matthew

Jaymie and Matthew's Engagement in Public Safety Fest

how they asked

My now fiance is a Port Saint Lucie police officer and a SWAT operator. Our community hosted a Public Safety Fest which included a demonstration from the SWAT team. Matt asked me if I would volunteer since the original volunteer backed out (there was no other volunteer). I was at the festival earlier before I had to go to work and returned because my client pushed me back to a later time (again Matt spoke to my boss and I never had a client to meet). In my mind, Matt had no clue I would be there for his demo. So for the demo, I stole a vehicle and the SWAT team was there to arrest me.

Jaymie's Proposal in Public Safety Fest

They pulled up and threw a flash bang at the car and instructed me to get out of the vehicle. Once out, I was instructed to walk backward with my hands up. Then they told me to turn around on the count of 3 very slowly. I slowly turned around and there was Matt on one knee, ring in hand and he asked me to marry him. I jumped up and down and of course, said YES! The motorcycle officers close by turned on their sirens and everyone cheered. I was then greeted by all my friends and family that Matt invited to share this moment.

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