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How We Met

David and I met in college three years ago. We both go to Liberty University and he is a cinematic arts major and I am a music major. To be honest I wasn’t planning on going to Liberty to pursue music but plans changed and here I am today engaged to the love of my life. Eep! I transferred into Liberty as a sophomore and when I first met David I was visiting my twin sister who went straight to Liberty once we graduated high school. He was one of my sister’s friends so I met him through her.

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It was very brief and I honestly don’t really remember our very first encounter but little did I know at the time that this man standing in front of me would be my husband one day. The next year comes around and I am all moved in at Liberty ready to begin my classes. We somehow just ended up being in the same friend group and the rest is history. I became very intrigued by this guy when I found out that he was a “Third Culture Kid” from India and Thailand, which means he spent most of his years living overseas in these areas and identifies more with these people groups instead of his home country, America.

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We became so close that I considered him as one of my best friends at the time. Two years later we both realized that we liked each other so we decided to start dating and see where it could take us. I quickly realized that I wanted to marry David about 3 months into our relationship. There are so many things I love about David. His joy is contagious, and I just feel so much better when I’m around him. Also, I have traveled more within our year of dating than I ever have in my entire life. He’s taken me to Thailand and back (to meet his parents) and it is just the coolest thing! How many couples can say that they’ve ridden an elephant together or drove through the jungles and mountains on a motorbike?! I love how unique our story is. It just makes me giddy. I just wanna travel the world with him for the rest of my days. :)

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Our one year came on February 27th. It has definitely been an unforgettable year loving and getting to know David better and even traversing the globe with him! David’s oldest sister lives in Florida so we traveled down to visit her for spring break. My sister and his best friend Noah came with us as well. This was my very first time going to Florida so you could say I was pretty pumped. Before we left David had told me that he wanted to take me down to Key West and spend a date day down there exploring. He knows me so well! Also, I bought a brand new dress before we left specifically for our Key West date with no idea that he would be getting down on his knee. Funny how that worked out right? ;) The keys were beautiful. We explored the historic town of Key West, went to the “Southernmost point of the US” to check that off our bucket list, explored the beautiful beaches and went to a nice seafood restaurant. Y’all fish tacos are BAE.

Once we finished our dinner he took me to a state park called “Bahia Honda” to watch the sunset. We always joke around by saying that sunsets are our “love language”, so I wasn’t surprised that he wanted watch the sunset somewhere in the keys. It was the cutest little deserted island I’ve ever seen. Once we got there we walked to the very end of the island, just being our normal goofy selves. Then out of nowhere he says, “Look! I think someone left something important up there in the sand.” We go to it and I start freaking out because it was a message in a bottle and I thought it was the coolest thing. I’ve always wanted to find one at a beach. I then quickly realized that the letter inside had David’s handwriting on it (he has very distinctive handwriting) and got so confused. There was also a journal lying next to it and I realized that it was ours that we’ve been using to write notes to each other for the last half of our dating up to this point.

He’d been with me the entire day. He never left my side. How did these get here in the middle of a deserted island?! By the time I figured out what was happening David was on his knee, asking me to marry him. I was stunned. I realized I had been clueless this entire day. I bawled for about 30 seconds before I said yes. We hugged, we cried.

We experienced a beautiful moment on this little island. Apparently his family, my sister and his best friend had been on this island all day setting up and preparing for the proposal, and they all emerged from the bushes where they had been hiding to congratulate us. The day ended with everyone in a circle praying for me and David and our future marriage together. I’ve never felt so loved. David definitely did an incredible job planning this special day and even keeping it a secret from me for three months. I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen any other way. WE’RE GETTING MARRIED Y’ALL!!

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