Jaymee and Derek

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How We Met

Like all good modern love stories, our story started with a right swipe. What makes our story different than most, is that we matched right before the holiday break, and by the time Derek answered Jaymee’s initial message, she was already 600km away in Montreal for two weeks. While we initially said we wouldn’t text over the break until Jaymee came back to Kitchener, we ended up messaging for the entire two weeks, even with Jaymee having to send the dreaded double text to re-capture Derek’s attention. Don’t worry, Jaymee has the screenshot to prove it.

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On January 4, 2017, we met for a beer. Derek had already had dinner, but Jaymee came straight from school and hadn’t eaten yet. Wednesday is Wing Night at this bar, so again breaking normal convention, we had chicken wings on our first date. In the parking lot on that snowy Wednesday, Derek totally messed up their first kiss and ended up turning his cheek at the very last second. Unfazed by slip-up, Jaymee took charge and we each had their last first kiss.

Throughout the winter, Jaymee started to fall for Derek, which culminated in her realizing that she really liked him when he went to visit his friend in for a long weekend.

Jaymee's Proposal in Our backyard!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our backyard!

In April 2017, we took our first trip: a birthday weekend in NYC! This was the first of many trips to come for us adventure-seekers. Next was a trip to Montreal to meet Jaymee’s family, trips to the lake all summer with Derek’s family. We also spent significant time apart since Jaymee is in medical school and had to do rotations at different hospitals. Absence certainly makes the heart grow fonder because we really started to fall in love and think about the future together. Since then, we’ve gotten to explore Disney and Florida, Ottawa, Calgary and Banff, Belgium, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast, Santorini and Athens together!

Jaymee and Derek's Engagement in Our backyard!

Proposal Ideas Our backyard!

After realizing how much time we spent together, it was an easy decision to move in together and take that next step. The logistic was the challenging part, but Derek is the incredible teammate he is, did all the leg work while Jaymee was away for school. She left her apartment in Kitchener in February 2019 and came back to our home in April 2019. Over the past years, Derek’s house has truly become our home, welcoming family and friends. The walls tell stories of adventures and love. It is where two stories collide and are perfectly blended into one

How They Asked

Afterlife threw a curveball in Derek’s proposal plans it was back to the drawing board. With the ring securely hidden, he was constantly thinking about what potential future dates or events might coincide well with a proposal (beach days, hikes, family time, etc.). When Jaymee came home for a week of vacation after spending the month of July working in another city, Derek quickly realized how sure he was of his decision and knew that the time was getting right.

With a chicken on the barbecue, some music playing and beer poured in their glasses, the opportunity finally presented itself. There, in the comfort of their back patio, Derek decided it was finally time. He set up his phone to record the video, asked Jaymee to stand up and proceeded to get down on one knee and ask her to marry him! Of course, she said yes! They took some time to enjoy their new status as fiancés and unfortunately burned their dinner!

They already had plans that night to have their friends, Ros and Miles over for drinks and a fire. They decided to play it cool and see how long it would take for them to notice. After 10 minutes of not-so-subtle hand gesturing, Ros and Miles hadn’t noticed and were about to open a beer. Derek stopped them and went inside to get a bottle of bubbly they brought back from Santorini for this occasion.

Ros thought the bubbly was to celebrate her and Jaymee finishing their first month of residency! Jaymee finally put her hand out and Ros gasped and jumped! Finally, Ros and Miles realized what had happened and this was the start of many celebrations to come. That first weekend was spent sharing the news with family and friends, sending pictures and enjoying time together, now engaged.

The best reaction to the proposal goes to our nephew, Rocco. When Jaymee showed him her new present from Uncle Derek, he asked: “is there a light in there?”