Jayme and Joey

how they asked

We have been together 6 years and Joey really wanted to take me somewhere special this year but kept it a surprise. I had no idea we were getting on a plane until the night before and even then I didn’t know our destination until we got to the gate. All I knew was that we were going somewhere where it would be snowing.

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Once we got to Chicago he had a plan to go explore the city, go to a museum, go ice skating (specifically at 5 pm), and then go to a really nice dinner for our anniversary. Once we got to the rink I noticed a sign that said open until 11 pm and I pointed it out to Joey confused.

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He reassured me that they were having a special event and would be closing the ice rink early. We went around the rink a couple of time and I pointed out how cool the bean was so Joey asked to take a pic in the middle of the rink. He had this funny look on his face and I kept saying what!? Then he got down on one knee and I was so shocked I couldn’t stop asking him REALLY!?!

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I forgot to say yes! He finally said yes or no Jayme!? After I said yes! He then forgot to put the ring on me ? I then noticed the crowd cheering and Joey pointed out the photographer he hired to capture the perfect moment. We probably went around the rink two more times and left because we were so happy and didn’t know what to do with ourselves!

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