Jaylena and Kaleb

How We Met: Kaleb moved to Port Mcneill, BC just in time to start highschool. We were acquaintances for years until we slowly began to notice each other. He finally found the courage to ask me to be his walking partner for high school graduation and in the following months we began to know each other better he first kissed me during the first snow fall on the year in 2008, a couple of weeks later he officially asked me out.

how they asked: After an entire day of travelling across the country to Kalebs hometown on the East Coast of Canada, I eagerly wanted to stop at Hopewell Rocks in Moncton, New Brunswick. We landed in Moncton and checked into our hotel and picked up our rental car. Everything seemed normal and we enjoyed out afternoon viewing the rocks. Kaleb for some reason really wanted to go back to this viewing spot we had visited earlier. and he was in such a rush to get there he fell on the trail and hurt his ankle, all my pleading to calm down did nothing and he limped to that lookout. I started to put things together and had a funny feeling… plus my hand brushed against his coat pocket and I felt an object which I immediately suspected to be a box containing something sparkly… Luckily no one was around and things got quiet, Kaleb broke the silence by mentioning what a memorable spot we were standing, then he placed a small purple box in front of me and asked me to marry him and I said of course.