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How We Met

Michael and I met in my first week of college at Arizona State University five years ago. We initially connected because we learned that we lived just short of 20 miles from each other back in our hometowns and had a ton of mutual friends! I had the biggest crush on him, but we both played pretty hard to get for a couple months.

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Michael was the Quarterback of the football team and I was a cheerleader so we also were around each other a bunch at school. Finally, he asked me on a date and from that point on we were inseparable! For three years I got to stand on the sidelines of Sun Devil Stadium and watch Michael chase his dreams as a football player. We shared multiple pre-game winks and post-game kisses, and little did I know that he would be dropping to one knee one day in the exact same place.

Jaylee's Proposal in Sun Devil Stadium

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sun Devil Stadium

how they asked

Michael and I were planning a trip back out to Arizona for the first football game of the season. He told me that he had to speak at the grand opening of the newly renovated stadium the night before the game and that it was going to be a fancy event. I didn’t think anything of it because Michael does events like this all the time.

We left for Arizona on Thursday and on Friday, August 31st, Michael said he was going to be busy golfing and “hanging with some of his friends”. I was busy that day too and had a hair appointment scheduled before the event. So I went to my hair appointment (that I later learned Michael completely coordinated with my hairdresser all by himself), got my hair all pretty, got dressed up and left for the grand opening at the Stadium.

When I arrived I met up with Michael and he seemed nervous, but I thought it was because of “the speech” he was giving. We were then escorted down the facility to the tunnel we both used to run out of before football games. We start walking out of the tunnel and all of the sudden our song “I Don’t Dance” starts blasting throughout the entire stadium and I immediately knew what was happening. When we open the doors to the field I saw the opposite end zone filled with our friends and family and our photos being projected on all the big screens surrounding us. We walked to the fifty-yard line, he spoke about all our moments leading up to this point, and the next thing I knew he was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

I was completely speechless, but I definitely said YES!!! After, I looked up and saw my friends and family from all over the country running up to me. That was the cherry on top of an already perfect moment. Truly the best day of my life!!! But little did I know it was just getting started… The next day at the football game they replayed our entire proposal in front of 70,000 people on the jumbotron and I was honestly just as nervous to watch it as I was when I realized I was being proposed to! Michael went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t ask for a better partner to do life with!

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