Jayla and Justin

Image 1 of Jayla and Justin

How We Met

We have two different stories on how we met! I remember meeting Justin while hanging out with friends at the movies but he says it was at a snowball fight! Either way, we met through a mutual friend!!

How They Asked

It happened at home during quarantine! Justin had my sister and friends set up a ladies’ night on Zoom and I was told to get dressed up and look cute! On the day of the proposal, my parents made up a story about setting up a gym in the garage and needing to add faux grass so they wouldn’t be working out on the concrete. Little did I know my proposal was soon to come!

My sister got me out of the house before our “ladies night” and once we came back my parents had me go in the garage to see the gym they set up! I walk in and Justin is standing there with the cutest setup, a photographer, and our friends and family on Zoom! It was definitely different than what I had dreamed this moment to be but it was perfect!! I couldn’t have asked for anything else!

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Image 3 of Jayla and Justin