Jayla and Chris


How We Met

I was born and raised in Bowie, Tx and Chris was originally from Decatur, Tx. 6 years ago, I was a sophomore at Bowie High School walking to choir class just like I did everyday when I spotted the an extremely good looking guy that I had never seen around school before. He was wearing an army green sweater, had bright blue eyes, and a knock out smile! Bowie is a tiny town were everyone knows your name and if they don’t know you they probably know your parents or grandparents. Its true that everyone is famous in a small town and Bowie is no exception. So of course, after spotting who I later learned was Chris Metts, I immediately had to launch a full force investigation to figure out who the “new guy” was and what his story was.

It really wasn’t that difficult to get the scoop on Chris Metts. Apparently every girl in school besides me had already taken notice of him and it seemed that everyone’s opinions were mutual. He was cute, funny, smart, and athletic; every high school girl’s dream. “swoon!”

My older sister, Chelsea was dating one of Chris’s good friends at the time, and Chris eventually talked them into “setting him up with Chelsea’s sister”. A few weeks after Chris and I spotted each other in the hallway at school, my sister and I were invited to a game night at one of our friend’s house. When we arrived, there were about 20 kids there all sitting around a long dining room table and (strategically planned) there was only 1 empty seat available that, low and behold was right next to Chris. Of course, Chris pretended like he had no clue who I was and that it was just some huge coincidence that we had ended up at the same event sitting right next to each other.

Chris and I dated for about 3 weeks, but like most high school relationships, it was short lived. Chris moved back to Decatur at the end of the school year, and we didn’t speak again until 2 years later. I was a senior now, and Chris text me out of nowhere. We texted all day and he ended up taking me to dinner that night. Since then, we have shared 4.5 amazing years together!

Game Night

Chris Bowie Football

how they asked

My (soon to be) sister-in-law Brandi and I own a floral design company in Fort Worth that specializes in weddings/events. Last week, I received a message from a planner we often work with asking if we could meet them on Friday to do a walk-through with a new client at The White Sparrow Barn. The White Sparrow is my all-time favorite venue so of course I said yes and was extremely excited for the meeting!

The venue is about 2 hours from our shop, so the whole way there I was preparing for the meeting and brainstorming ideas to present to this high-end client. We arrived at The White Sparrow around 7:00, but the planner and the bride had not arrived yet because they were stuck in traffic. At the venue, there is a metal gated entrance with a sparrow on it that requires a pin number to open. We were not the ones that set up the meeting so we didn’t have the code to get in.

I was planning to patiently wait in the car until the planner arrived to open the gate. However, my plan was completely shattered when Brandi climbed over the fence pleading that she simply could wait any longer to use the restroom and insisted that it was an emergency! I am a very rational thinker, so I told her I would wait and pull the car up when the others arrived and that she could go ahead and go up to the barn to use the restroom. As I know all to well, Brandi is afraid of the dark, funny noises, being home alone at night, etc so I wasn’t at all surprised when she started begging me to go up to the barn with her so that she didn’t have to walk up to the barn in the dark by herself. I told her that I was absolutely not climbing over that fence and that she was being ridiculous. Then she looked like she was about to cry..or have an accident…or both, so over the fence I went! At this point I was so embarrassed and frantically trying to think of an excuse to explain to the planner and bride why we left our car unattended at the gate, climbed the fence, and ran across the field to go up to the barn. The entire time we were running across the field, I was looking back to make sure that no one was pulling up at the gate!

When we made it up to the barn, one of the side doors were propped open and I remember saying something about how I couldn’t believe they would leave the door wide open with no one there. Once we were inside, Brandi pointed out an adorable sign on the wall that said “The best things in life just happen”. I said “Yes, its cute. Now hurry up and use the bathroom so we can go get the car before they get here!”. She headed towards the restroom so I turned to walk outside and watch for the others to get there. Instead of going to the restroom, she stopped and cracked open the big white doors that go into the grand room where you get married. She got really excited and told me to come look at how cute they had the tables set up. I assumed it was already set up for a wedding the next night, and I was getting very frustrated at this point because she was suddenly in no hurry to use the  bathroom. I walked over to look into the amazing white washed room, but it wasn’t set up for a wedding at all.

There in front of the huge barn doors, surrounded by red rose petals and candles stood Chris. I was in complete shock and he a huge grin on his face! It took me a few seconds to even piece together what was going on! I couldn’t even move as we stood looking across that huge white room at each other! Finally, I made what seemed like the longest walk ever over to the most handsome man I had ever laid eyes on. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and of course, I said YES!








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