Jaycie and Zachary

Jaycie and Zachary's Engagement in Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

How We Met

Zach and I met thanks to two of our sisters, and some very good friends. Shelby and Jenny were roommates and friends in college in Missoula. When Shelb moved to Bozeman for a year and lived with me, I met Zach through her. We also had mutual friends in Bozeman. My friend Kylie and his friend Winston were dating, so we were always running around in the same group.

Proposal Ideas Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

It wasn’t until my parents came to an MSU football game with me and all of my friends, that I realized Zach hung around a lot more than any of my other “guy friends” did. My dad kept saying, “why would this guy hang out with you and your parents all day if he didn’t like you Jaycie?” After that, I started to notice Zach was around quite often. He asked me on our first date a week or so later. I remember saying I wouldn’t go to dinner with him but would go to a movie. I also remember he fell asleep during the movie we went to!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana

I always say, “I believe I knew Zach was the one before he even thought of asking me to be his girlfriend.” We have had some difficult times but those have always been out shadowed by the great times. Thanks to some very supportive friends and family we are getting married; and thanks to Zach proposing in the most perfect way of course!

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I can not wait to marry him. He is my #1 fan and the best support system I could ever ask for! I could go on and on about how great he is but I’ll just say, I can’t wait to spend our lives living on the farm, having lots of fun adventures and raising a beautiful family in our home.

How They Asked

I met the love of my life because our sisters were roommates in college. Zach, my fiance, and I have been together for 4 years. This is the story he wrote on how we got engaged.

Jaycie and I had been dating for about four years, and for some odd reason, she liked living in the middle of nowhere, on a farm in Northeast Montana. So, I thought, if this wonderful lady likes it up in the sticks that I should probably marry her. Kidding aside, Jaycie had been going to grad school for about a year and a half in Missoula and I knew in my heart and felt by now that she was “the one” for me! That thought was filled with nerves, excitement, anticipation, and also a lot of preparation. And so it begins:

Step one: Ask Permission.

Now, this might seem like an easy task but I’m old fashioned and knew that I had to ask for permission in person. That being said, I had to travel across the state of Montana, without Jaycie knowing. In doing so, a couple of white lies were told of my whereabouts and all was forgiven. Jaycie’s parents could not say no to me and I had successfully persuaded them that I was the young buck for their daughter.

Step Two: She likes a kite set ring…what’s a kite set ring?

To the jewelry store, I went, with the help of my sister Liz. I was a little overwhelmed but I learned a lot that day about diamonds and cuts and wedding bands and engagement rings and prices and all sorts of shiny things. :) Within a little while, I knew I had found the engagement band and the setting was perfect!

Step Three: “She wants to be surprised.”

Jaycie’s dad and I had planned on taking her horseback riding in the mountains and he assured me he knew of a perfect/beautiful spot. We stayed at the 7LazyP Ranch back in the mountains outside of Chouteau, Montana.

Jaycie, Mary Lu, Brett and I showed up at the ranch just before dark and the plan was to take off riding the next morning. The 7LazyP Ranch outfits during the hunting season so there were quite a few people around. Needless to say, I was a bit worried because everyone knew that I was going to propose except for Jaycie (No one spilled the beans, whew!)

All four of us took off riding the next morning and I was so nervous that I didn’t say anything to anyone the whole way up the mountain. Jaycie voiced that I was acting quite weird. I told her I was worried about the dog. Haha! That day it was so windy and both Mary Lou and Jaycie thought it was about time to turn around. So Brett convincingly said that it’s “just a little further”. We went a little further ahead and all jumped off our horses.

I got the ring ready…took me awhile they’ll tell you (longest leak I’ve ever taken.) We were all exhausted from the wind and very cold weather. So I hurried up and clip the ring to my puppy dogs’ harness and ask Jaycie: “what’s on Hallie’s harness?” She was pretty cold and said: “I don’t know Zach, why don’t you look what’s on her harness.” This banter went back and forth until she saw the ring! Surprise! I quickly got down on one knee, forgot my whole planned out speech (whoops), and the rest is history!!

Special Thanks

Ingrid Svare
 | Took Our Engagement Pictures and is our wedding photographer