Jaycie and Chris

How We Met

We met in March of 2018 and knew the coffee wasn’t the only thing brewing strength – there was something pulling us towards one other.

Awkward hugs exchanged, nervous, pursed-lip smiles, we turned to spend what we didn’t yet realize would be the first night of many more to come. The feeling of the butterflies became similar to a bass drum in their gut that we never forgot… in the same way neither of us could erase the joy felt in finding something this uniquely special on the silliest of dating sites. The love here was and is worth every taunted breath for being doe-eyed and ‘hopeless’.

Coming from different backgrounds, as many pairs do, we each have our differences but many of our values are the same. Individually we face our own struggles, we have come to realize we make the perfect team and are absolutely better together.

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How They Asked

One evening in March, after we were enjoying a weekend away in Solvang, Chris expressed to Jaycie with a heartfelt sentiment that she’d, in essence, saved his life. As we strolled through Hans Christian Anderson park, he confessed that he didn’t want to waste a single moment further without her, and nervously rummaged through his jeans pocket. He then got down on one knee, to which Jaycie – shocked – repeatedly asked: “omg are you serious??“

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As someone who has struggled with knee and ankle pain from several breaks due to athletic injury, Chris asked “yes. Can I get up now?!”

I helped him to his feet, hugged him and exclaimed “Yes!” to both questions.