Jaycee and Tyler

how we met

We are high school sweethearts! We had known each other for a long time, but didn’t start dating until we were in 10th grade. Our first dates consisted of school dances and Friday night football games. Our relationship was founded on simple dates and they became some of our most cherished memories. Being in the same high school, we experienced the same world and to this day we still love to watch a game under the stadium lights and remember where we started.

how they asked

Our proposal happened in beautiful Zion National Park! Tyler had told me earlier in the day to wear something nice and so I put on jeans, a cardigan, and a cute pair of sandals. As we were driving and pulling into the park I had suspicions of a proposal, but I also knew that there were problems with my ring and I knew they hadn’t been resolved. Tyler guided me to a trail we were hiking and immediately I looked at him and said, “In these shoes?” Needless to say, I hiked through muddy water and climbed over rocks for over a mile in my gold sandals. By the time we reached the proposal spot I wasn’t very happy, and had completely tossed out the idea of a proposal because I was so focused on what we were doing and the apparel I was wearing! At our proposal spot there were people gathered all around admiring the view and I could see what looked like hidden cameras set up everywhere. Tyler kept standing right in front of the cameras while I was pulling him away telling him we were in someone’s shot! Well, he popped the question and I soon realized all of those cameras were for me. I was definitely surprised and I didn’t complain one bit about my apparel on the way back to our car!

Special Thanks

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