Jay and Hui

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How We Met

We met each other in 2011 back in our previous company. Back then we were both in the insurance industry. It wasn’t a love at first sight. Feelings got developed when we are working together and we got together officially in Jan 2012.

how they asked

I proposed to my Fiancee, Hui Li, on the 17th of Sept. I started all the planning 3 months before the date of the proposal. The reason why 17th of Sept, was because some of my Secondary School Friends and myself are invited for a trip to Bali to attend one of our Friend’s Wedding. Initially, my friend did not invite Hui Li to his wedding, therefore it reduces the “proposal suspicious index”. She was only invited in July. Therefore, I seize the opportunity to plan this surprise.

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I told Hui Li the purpose we are on this Bali trip is to attend my friend’s wedding and another Secondary School of mine, needed help for his proposal. Therefore, she has a new mission, and that is to help my friend, Shane & Bernice’s proposal. I have invited some of our closest mutual friends to Bali, as an additional surprise to witness the entire proposal event. Planning for an overseas proposal, I have also engaged the professionals, Lynx Wedding, to coordinate and assist with myself with the entire execution of the plan.

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The entire venue was decorated by Lynx Wedding with a Total of 2 Stations, 1 Pavilion, and the Proposal Spot. The 2 Stations are decorated with our love story walkthrough of how we met where we are today, photos, love letters. The Pavilion was decorated with fairy lights, and it is there as a live call conference station. The Proposal spot was decorated with fresh flowers (forming a heart shape) and surrounded by 100 white balloons.

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On the day itself, the guys and I went early to prepare, and get used to the venue set up, while Bernice and Hui Li went for a pre-arranged hair-do and make-up session in one of the renown beauty salon in Bali. Back in Singapore, I have also set up an event and invited both our closest friends and family members to the event. The event was set up to for the guest to witness the Proposal. We did a Facebook live video throughout, and it was screened in the projector showing in Singapore. The guests are also being divided into respective groups and will participate in a live chat face to face with Hui Li in 1 of the Stations.

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When Hui Li and Bernice arrived at the proposal location, they were both blindfolded and brought to the front of Station 1. Hui Li was a task to lead and show Bernice to Station 1. Bernice went there and realize it wasn’t her proposal, and directed Hui Li to the station instead. This is where Hui Li understand the entire plan revolves around her. She went from station 1, station 2, pavilion to have a live chat with all the invited guest in Singapore. Lastly, she was invited to the proposal spot. A helicopter flew near the proposal spot with its sliding doors open. 2 of my friends are in the Helicopter. One of them wore what I wore on the day itself before I left for the proposal spot. (It was to mask that I am in the helicopter). Up in the sky, the proposal speech begins. When it was halfway through, I made an announcement mentioning that there is a malfunction from the helicopter, and we were asked to do an emergency landing. The twist here is to make Hui Li worried and think that I am in danger. The helicopter hovers around the sky, turn around in sharp bends just like the formation of 8, while I am actually behind the scene, preparing myself for the final showdown.

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I rode on a white horse, followed by all our closest friends at the back. We made our grand entrance matching to the proposal spot. I came down from the horse, went to the proposal spot, continued my speech, and lastly pop the magical question with the ring on my hand. After the proposal, we went for a sunset horse riding with photography and ended with a Bali Traditional Fire Show.

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1. Why Helicopter? A joke was made to her many years ago about my future proposal to her. I told her I will fly a Helicopter, come down from the Helicopter and propose to her.
2. Why not propose on the Helicopter? I do not like to copy ideas, moreover, she doesn’t like helicopter rides as she has motion sickness.
3. Why White Horse? I guess it somewhat bring up the romance level and Hui Li is born in the year of Horse.

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Challenges faced…
1. There are many groups of people involved in this entire proposal event. The challenge here is how to keep constant communication and make sure the entire event happens smoothly and she doesn’t find out about it
2. To organize an event in Singapore, when I am in Bali. I am glad that I have friends that helped me with it.
3. We need to get a permit to clear the entire beach. (It is a location filled with tourist, and there are supposed to be many beach benches on the beach).
4. It was tough finding the right proposal spot. It must be near a Stable that has White Horses. In addition, we will need owner’s approval to bring the horse out. It also must be a place where the helicopter is able to fly to. We need to get the approval from 1 of the village chief because to reach the proposal spot, we got to fly past their village. Certain permits must be obtained as well.

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