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How We Met

It was a random encounter four and a half years ago. I had taken my sister and her friends “ghost hunting” several times. All “ghost hunting” was was an opportunity to scare a bunch of girls. There was an iPhone app that could supposedly detect paranormal activity. We would find a cemetery, pull up the app and tell scary stories and wait till the app detected activity and all of the girls would freak out. One of my sisters friends, Melissa, whom had been ghost hunting with me before texted me out of the blue and said she had two friends she wanted to scare going ghost hunting. Me, always up fro the opportunity decided to make this adventure a little more thrilling. On my way to pick them up, I planted a fake bloody t-shirt in the cemetery i would be taking them to just a short while later. I met up with Melissa and her friends Shabby & Heather. I didn’t get a good look at them at first because they were sitting in the back seat, but began telling them an elaborate made up story about the people buried in the cemetery. We eventually get there and get out of the car to start looking for ghosts. Shabby and Heather were skeptical but reluctantly got out. Melissa, pretended to forget her phone and ran back to the car and proceeded to squirt fake blood all over the windshield and door handles. She caught back up with us right as i was shining a flashlight across the cemetery grounds. Then they noticed the bloody short I had planted on my way. I pretend to freak out, they freak out and everybody runs frantically back to the car only to be mortified when the discover the fake blood covering the vehicle. We all pile back in and Melissa and i start dying laughing at the prank we just pulled off. Heather, speaks up and says there is no way she was gonna let me take them home terrified and insisted i take them all bowling and pay for them to get their mind of what just happened. I didn’t mind the opportunity to get to know a few new girls so i agreed. Good thing i did. I hit it off with Heather and we began hanging out by ourselves. The rest is history.

how they asked

I knew from the moment I met Heather that she was the one. It wasn’t long after that I started dreaming of the perfect way to propose to her. I knew i always wanted a private, intimate proposal but knew how important friends and family were to Heather so i wanted to propose in a way that would both be intimate but include her closest friends and family. The morning of the proposal, I laid out a dress, picked out a pair of earrings and set out a pair of shoes. I left a note that said “One last date before winter break is over. Dinner at 5:30. Be ready by 5:00″. 5:00 rolled around and we headed to dinner. Little did heather know i had much more planned. At dinner, we were sat at a pre-selected booth out of sight from the restaurants bathrooms. Towards the end of dinner, i told her i had to use the restroom and left the table. I flagged down our server, paid for the bill and gave her a card to drop off at the table. The card read, ” Heather, The day has come, its finally here. You need to get in a car, but have no fear. They are waiting outside to whisk you away. The bill has been covered, its already been paid. Grab your things fast and head to the door. You will be getting into a white ford explorer. Once inside, you have something to view i’ll see you soon, love. It will just be a few.” I snuck out the back and drove to a venue i had rented for the evening. It was a cool 1920s building with original brick walls and wood floors and a room tucked in the back for awaiting friends and family. Heather, got up and walked out side to be greeted by a driver waiting for her. Inside the car was an iPad and headphones she was instructed to put on. The video was a compilation of clips from friends and family talking about how much Heather means to them and what they thought of our relationship. 15 minutes later they driver pulled up at the venue and opened her door where she was greeted by a sign in from of two double doors that said “Heather, right this way”. When she opened the doors she was overwhelmed with a dark room covered with a sea of 250 twinkling candles that created and isle with me standing at the end of it. she walked to me where i took her hands and asked her to marry me. After, i let her know i had one more surprise. I led her down a hallway to the back room where all of her closest friends and family were waiting to celebrate with Champagne and cupcakes. It was a beautiful night that came together more amazing than i had ever dreamed.

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