Jason and Tracey

Jason's Proposal in Bracco’s on Nautical Mile, Freeport NY

How We Met

We met through our mutual friend named Joe in 2011. I went to high school with Joe and Tracey went to college and had a class with Joe. That particular night we met, I was out with Joe just having a guys night at a local Chili’s. It’s ironic we even went there because we were at a different bar just before that, visiting a bartender friend of mine. We were sitting at the bar and Tracey came past with her cousin. Joe stopped them saying that he knew her but he remembered she had a boyfriend last he knew. I said she’s cute, wouldn’t hurt to ask. Tracey and her cousin didn’t stay any longer than 10 minutes but I got her number and to this day, we don’t go a day without talking.

how they asked

It was a year’s worth of planning and saving for the ring but I knew I wanted to make some changes this year. I was mulling over the various ways to ask her where she wouldn’t catch on or where the weather wouldn’t ruin the whole plan. I figured we’d go to a restaurant on Nautical Mile, out in Freeport. I never wanted it to be cliche but I needed a reason for the group of people I wanted there, to be there. I spoke with one couple, who happened to be mutual friends as well. They said they’d bring a cake as a surprise to me but then in turn I could turn that into my proposal prop. I narrowed it down to being done right after dinner was cleared away. I was nervous all night about various things because I wanted the night to go as perfectly as possible. We almost didn’t have a table from the beginning though I squared that away hours before I even showed up and luckily that small dilemma was solved. I also kept checking my pocket to make sure I didn’t lose the ring. I also was breathing very heavy as the time came closer and closer. But the waitress was a huge help.

After dinner, the dishes were all cleared away. The waitress and two other waitresses came out singing as they were instructed. Tracey, as I was hoping, had her phone out to record the cake she thought was for me. I stopped the waitresses mid singing and pointed that the cake was for Tracey. Thankfully, Tracey, was completely thrown off as she read the cake, which said “Will You Marry Me?” as I dropped to one knee with the ring out. I didn’t make the small speech that I originally planned because I was so nervous. But it didn’t matter. Tracey said yes and the whole place who was now paying attention to us, went wild in celebration. I’m glad that it all went well and in my favor of course. It was 6 years of dating but now we are taking steps towards the next biggest day, where we will be husband and wife.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Bracco’s on Nautical Mile, Freeport NY