Taryn and Jason

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How We Met

Our story began in the Summer of 2016. It was about 1 week after I just had adopted an 80lb disabled Pitbull. I had been single for 4 years and was focused on my career and adulting! Unfortunately, there is no incredible story of how our eyes met in a crowded restaurant or that I saved her life from impending doom. Simply we met on Instagram. We both were and are very involved in church and with our families and quickly gravitated towards each other because of the values we shared. Both of our families have been fortunate enough to stay together celebrating 30 and 40 years of marriage. What I love about our relationship is that we didn’t expect or look to the other person to fill any voids we had in our lives. We were complete before we met. Taryn quickly became my best friend, mama to my first love Nala (pup) and my travel partner.

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While I would love to say our relationship has been smooth sailing and I absolutely love that this Instagram celebrates so many relationships from so many walks of life. I think it’s important to know that in the 4 years we have been together we have had to make the intentional effort to love each other better and that love is not only a feeling but an action and a choice.

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Taryn is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on but I am marrying her for so much more. While I was self-sufficient and independent in my own right she ultimately makes me a better human. She will be an amazing mother and most importantly she no matter what will always protect our relationship and have my best interest at heart in every decision she makes.

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At the end of the day- all relationships will have their peaks and valleys but it is through faith and consistent work to make the smiles you see in these pictures genuine!

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How They Asked

Jason: 2020 has one heck of a year for everyone. The proposal was originally planned for February but with so many things going on, I decided to postpone till 8/16/2020.

The most important thing to understand about our family and friends is that we always want everyone around. They have been integral parts of our relationship that a proposal without everyone would not have been the same. I chose the Montage down in Laguna Beach because it been our family’s go-to beach spot for many years. That as well as it is close to my older sister’s birthday made it an even more perfect time. (Side note- if you must know anything about my lady its that she is clever, nosey and the element of surprise was the biggest priority for me).

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The plan was that we were going to be celebrating my sister’s 40th and doing dinner at the Montage around sunset. The week prior with the help of our photographer her mom and GF’s we were able to start planning our spot and the day. Once we came across this spot we knew it would be perfect.

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Heading into the weekend I started to feel terrible, not your cold feet terrible but literally getting sick. Friday and Saturday I had a 100-degree fever and didn’t sleep for more than 4 hours. The night before the proposal I was in Urgent Caretaking a Rapid COVID test wondering if I was going to have to cancel everything. The test came back Negative and he just told me to sleep as much as I could and play it by ear. (PLAY IT BY EAR!!!) Ya, that wasn’t going to happen. No COVID- it was on!

Dear Lord baby Jesus thank you for family and friends that helped the day of. I spent the entire day in bed directing family and friends, sending people all over to help pick up flowers, signs, food, and making sure everyone had directions while I was just trying to put enough color in my face to pull this off.

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Taryn and I left my place and took our time driving down PCH as everyone frantically parked and gathered on the sand. Once we arrived and her thinking the family was running a bit late we walked along the path across the property. As we got to a certain point our friends and family were able to see us but she had no clue what she was walking into. The second she saw the rose pedals her hand squeezed mine harder than I have ever felt in my life.

By this point, I knew I had roughly 30-60 seconds before tears strolled down her face. I grabbed her close and told her she was the love of my life and that I was so happy to have spent the last 4 years with her and if by chance she would marry me? call me maybe? lol and that was that!

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The best part of the story is my father asked me how we would know if she said yes and that if she did I would show everyone the touchdown sign.

While the weekend was insanely chaotic and I am so very grateful I didn’t have to cancel everything it went incredibly perfect and there was not a single hiccup. Thank you for listening to our story.

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Special Thanks

Kara Nixon
 | Photographer