Jason and Shantel

How We Met

Nothing special, just met online!

How They Asked

One of our favorite movies is The Wedding Singer, and Shantel’s favorite scene is where Adam Sandler shows up on Drew Barrymore’s flight to sing her a cute song called “Grow Old With You”.

I decided to try to reach out to United Airlines and see if they would help me pull off the same exact thing (except for Billy Idol) on-board our flight to Turks and Caicos. Luckily they were very helpful and snuck on a guitar, rose petals, champagne, etc.

Halfway through the flight, I went to “use the restroom” and a flight attendant introduced me over the PA system. I sang my own rendition of “Grow Old With You” over the PA as well as walking towards her down the aisle, with the lyrics tailored to our relationship. You can tell she was caught COMPLETELY off guard since she’s still wearing her NECK PILLOW while I’m proposing.

It was a very memorable day and we hope Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore approve :)

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