Jason and Praisye

How We Met

We met online in September 2013. I had joined Match.com a couple months before Jason, and he joined the site right before my membership was due to expire a couple days later – what luck! As Jason had just joined the site, he stumbled across my profile. Later that day when I checked my profile, I received a notification that he had checked my profile, and I decided to learn more. As I was reading his profile, what caught my eyes was what he wrote on the “religious views” section, “Christianity is not a religion but a relationship.” After reading that, I sent a “wink” to Jason letting him know that I liked his profile.

Jason was in Las Vegas at that time with his friends when he got the notification that I just winked at him. With the help of his many friends, he wrote a message back.

After talking through email and the messaging app LINE, we both decided to meet in person. We went on our first date on Sept 21, 2013 at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup, where I also lost my phone during the roller coaster ride. Our first date lasted for over seven hours, where we enjoyed the State Fair and returned to eat dinner in Seattle’s Chinatown. Needless to say, we “clicked,” and the rest is history.

how they asked

I reached out to Praisye’s friends from Seattle about proposing to her on our next trip to Seattle to celebrate Thanksgiving and our three year anniversary. Luckily for me, one of her friends recommended a photographer (Rebecca) who helped me to figure out the best place to propose to her because I am from Houston,Texas and not to familiar with Seattle. The last time I had been in Seattle was when we first started dating.

I had bought the engagement ring about a month earlier and had asked her parent’s for permission for their daughter’s hand in marriage about two weeks prior to proposing to Praisye. When we got to Seattle and checked into the hotel, my heart nearly stopped when I noticed that she had reorganized my bag for me because the ring was inside my bag. Luckily, she had not noticed! However, Praisye knew something was up because I had insisted on one of the days that we go “hiking” and visit Gold Creek Pond. She knew that I was not much of a planner so for me to be so insistent made her suspicious that I had a plan to do something, although she did not know exactly what.

The day of the proposal we had driven about an hour out of Seattle to Gold Creek Pond. I had called Rebecca (our photographer) that we were heading up there and for her to be ready. As we exited the car and began walking towards where I was going to propose, I began to get nervous. I did not want to mess up. Huy (our friend), handed me the box with the engagement ring and as we approached the pond, I made eye contact with Rebecca and she got in position ready to take the pictures.

As Praisye and I were taking pictures with our friends, her friends helped set up for us to be separate from them by taking couples’ pictures. After we had taken our pictures, I asked Praisye’s friends for one more picture…

I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She started crying and I was nervous because I did not immediately hear her say yes (although if you ask her, she insists that she said yes and that I was not paying attention). After repeating my question a couple more times, through her tears of happiness I heard her say “Yes.”

Special Thanks

Rebecca Anne Photography