Jason and Mimi

Proposal Ideas Lachute, Quebec

How We Met

We met 3 years ago in the dark before I was about to go to sleep.

I didn’t even bother to really talk or see his face because I was going to work the next day. I just said “Hi” and he said “Hello”…

A few days after, we crossed paths again… this time in a birthday party. He approached me and said “We’ve met” and I replied “Have we?”

He just nodded and smiled.

This is the beginning.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Lachute, Quebec

how they asked

3 years of dating, traveling, and improving each others daily existence… we decided to go in a retreat in Lachute, Quebec – 40 minutes northwest of Montreal in a lodge in the middle of the forest, in front of a frozen lake.

This is not our usual scene as we both live in Los Angeles, CA but we’re both adventurous and curious, so why not?

A weird destination for a retreat but completely appropriate… because it’s a silent one.

We’re not allowed to talk to each other for the next 5 days… we ate together, read books together, and even prayed together… in silence.

The only designated hours in which we can talk is 1-3pm.

It was drizzling and snowing the first few days of our retreat. This was when we realized that silence can heighten your senses and the way you feel your environment… it kinda makes you appreciative of things that are often overlooked.

At the last day of our retreat, the sun finally came out and it illuminated the frozen lake around us… it was beautiful.

He asked me to go outside and sit on the bench facing the frozen lake… he handed me a note thanking me for sharing our experiences together. I kept reading and I thought it was sweet, but he ended the letter with a question, “Will you marry me?”

I found him kneeling in front of me with a teary-eyed smile, holding a ring in a box.

I started to cry and said “Yes”.