Jason and Michelle

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How We Met

Our story began meeting online almost 3 years ago. It only took a week before deciding to meet. I would meet at her place, and we decided to get beers and snacks and just hangout there which gave me a comfortable and good feeling about her. We got a lottery ticket for the mega millions too, but by the time we got back to the apartment she had already lost it. I told her it did not concern me, we would probably lose anyway. This was a symbol of our relationship because it was one of the first things that happened and I would say I always consider her my lottery ticket. Our third Christmas together we would do what we did in the past and go to my parents house to celebrate. I told my parents my plan to propose to Michelle, and they were in awe and were happy to be a part of it. My plan which worked to perfection was after opening up gifts with my family we would take pictures in front of the tree. I would tell Michelle to get our dog Reese’s for more pictures, and that was the cue for my dad to change it to video. A funny video came out of it, as I got on one knee Michelle was in total shock and dropped the dog who was dressed like Santa and turned to me stunned and kept repeating, “is this real” and said “YES!” We kissed and enjoyed a wonderful day thereafter.

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Special Thanks

Gary Drago
 | Photographer