Lisa and Jason

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how we met

Lisa: It was a normal day in the office, I had been there just a couple of months so was still getting to know the office and the people I worked with. Now, the microwaves in our office breakroom were insane – you couldn’t just punch in how long you wanted to heat something up, each number meant something different. So being newer to the office, it was quite a sight to see me trying to work these things during lunch. But I have the microwave to thank, because that was the first day I actually met Jason. He came into the break room during this struggle and (without laughing at me, just with me) he helped me heat up my lunch.

From there, our friendship grew at the office and via mutual friends. It was in May of 2013 where that friendship changed into something more. We had gone out that night with a few of our friends from the office to see American Aquarium at Lincoln Theater, and that was the first night I held my soon-to-be husband’s hand. A night that I didn’t expect at that time, but a night that I will never, ever forget.

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Jason: It all started with her, myself, and a microwave. I walked into our breakroom at work, only to find her struggling with a piece of technology that most people would consider, well, not particularly difficult to operate. I tried to offer her a boost of confidence by saying, “these microwaves can be tricky…don’t worry, you will figure it out.” We both had a good laugh, however, the more I think about it, I don’t think I even offered to help her and walked away. Wow, what a jerk I was. The rest was history in the making, as they like to say…

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how they asked

Lisa: We were on our way to celebrate our 3-year anniversary at Jason’s aunt and uncle’s house on Hyco Lake. I had been hoping for a while that he would pop the question, but for this trip I was excited for just a weekend away to celebrate just the two of us. Jase had always said that he didn’t want to ask me to marry him on a cliché holiday or occasion, so I pretty much pushed it out of my mind anyway.

We spent a relaxing day, kayaking and exploring the lake, and just taking in the view and scenery. It was time to go get dinner and we had expected to go find a nice restaurant, but we soon realized we were far away from anything like that. Driving around with grumbling stomachs, we gave up on that idea and pulled into a KFC. Getting some chicken to go and stopping at the nearby Food Lion to pick up some champagne and dessert to make our anniversary celebration extra classy, we headed back to the house. Still enjoying the gorgeous view, we sat outside and ate our chicken. After that, it was time for presents – now to preface this, I had asked for a bag from the outlets which we later figured out was no longer there. So when Jason had said ‘he would figure something out’ I had assumed that met he would go into one of the other numerous handbag outlets there and pick something else out.

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Jason had asked for a lot of clothes, so I was very excited to give him his gifts and I made him open first. When it came time for his present to me, he had told me it wasn’t wrapped (which wasn’t unlike him at all so I thought nothing of it), so I needed to close my eyes. Doing as I was told, I covered my eyes and waited. Just a minute or so later, Jason had told me to open my eyes, and there he was standing in front of me with the most perfect ring. I couldn’t believe it, and immediately started crying. As I got up from the table to walk closer to him, we were both shaking as he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a perfect, unforgettable surprise and every day I get more and more excited to marry my best friend.

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Jason: I know, proposing on a previous anniversary is not exactly original, but, as a result of trying to save some money, we did not go out and do a lot of adventurous things. So I had this one opportunity to surprise her, unless I wanted to propose on our couch at home. I decided to take us to the lake, using a family member’s lake house. We had a great time going kayaking and just taking in the scenery. The last night we were there we finished with “anniversary presents”. I had her convinced that she was getting a Tory Burch purse, but had her close her eyes anyways. It’s safe to say that she was surprised as she opened her eyes and started crying as I was holding the ring. I kept it classy and got down on one knee, overlooking the beautiful lake. She accepted my proposal and had a smile on her face the rest of the night. I would say, it was a pretty good anniversary weekend.

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