Jason and Laurie's Marriage Proposal Video

Marriage Proposal VideoHow We Met – as told by Jason: Jason and Laurie met via the internet in August of 2012. Instantly realizing they shared an extraordinarily similar sense of humor and interests, they talked for 6 hours on their first date! Laurie began going to Jason’s church and it wasn’t long before the two were inseparable!

how they asked: On Valentine’s of 2014 Jason showed up bright and early to Laurie’s apartment with a delicious cinnamon roll breakfast. He kissed her with the fervor that Valentine’s Day demands and wished her an excellent day at work! It wasn’t but a few hours later when he surprised her in her office with flowers and candy and a heartfelt written card. Laurie was thrilled, to say the least! As they parted ways then, Jason built the anticipation of the evening and informed Laurie once again of how wonderful date night was going to be!

Fast forward to the candle lit dinner at Laurie’s favorite Italian restaurant. Music played softly, pleasant conversation swam from lips to ears, and the atmosphere itself electrified and invigorated every subtle glance and toothy grin they shared. Theeeeeen, in case Laurie was feeling like tonight might be the night for a proposal, Jason took her bowling! Fantastic fun was had, as they were joined by several amazing friends, and Jason was successful in throwing Laurie off the scent.

Finally, those same friends drove ahead of Jason and Laurie for the final preparations in Jason’s apartment. 200 tea light candles and 3 hidden cameras later and… well we’ll let the video tell the rest…

Marriage Proposal Video

Marriage Proposal Video




Jason and Laurie both love supporting poverty stricken children and helping them have a better life through Compassion International which provides food, education, medical care and stability for kids around the globe.

Videography by Jason White