Jason and Lauren

How We Met

Jason and I met in Washington, D.C. during Howard’s Homecoming (H-U!!!) around October of 2015. It was my 10 year class reunion! Even though we had both graduated from Howard University our paths never crossed until that faithful day. Crazy right?! I actually knew his brother, David, from the Detroit Club! I never knew he had a younger brother! In fact, my exact words to David were, “How come you never told me you had a handsome younger brother?” Picture David’s epic eye roll here. I would say it was pretty much love at first sight from then on!

Even though Jason lived in Detroit and I lived in Houston we would visit each other pretty much every two weeks. We were pretty pitiful back in those days doing things like falling asleep on the phone, watching movies together while on FaceTime and counting down the days until we could be in each other’s arms. It was hard doing the whole long distance thing as everyone knows but I found my best friend and not a day passed where we didn’t at least send each other a text. Jason made me the happiest girl in the world when he decided to move to Houston about a year after we met.

how they asked

Jason is really good at getting me all riled up only to later announce that I fell for one of his epic pranks (he literally gets me every time). He can be a bit of a comedian at times however, I did not find his antics funny at the time! It’s hilarious now though! Anyways, after he came back home from his visit in Detroit he told me he thought we should get married so I immediately began to get excited. He went downstairs and grabbed a small jewelry box out of his suitcase and I got so excited! But when I opened it up it was a rusty key ring! I was so mad, I cried. I told him he shouldn’t play with my emotions like that and threw the box at him! I told him he would have been better off not getting me anything at all but I still said yes even though the key ring clearly didn’t fit.

We went to grab some food at my favorite restaurant Peli Peli. That’s the key to my heart, chicken wings!! And afterwards he suggested we go look at rings. This made me happy and I figured wow maybe he is serious and will start saving up for a decent ring! We went inside of Jared and Kay just looking and trying on rings but Jason kept asking the sales persons for the price and looking sad once he heard their responses. So I’m thinking to myself this will probably never happen for me.

He asked if I wanted to look in Macy’s and I just said can we please go home? So we walked outside to the The Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park. It was late at night but such a romantic and beautiful place. We set on a bench and I just rested my head on his shoulder and enjoyed the breeze. It was truly a perfect, romantic night. I did get a little suspicious once we were in the Waterwall Park but since I didn’t see anyone pop out behind any trees I figured he really just wanted to take a walk. I asked if we could go home and we got up and walked passed the Williams building where little circular lights lit up the ground and as I was playing with the lights I turned to look back and there was the man of my dreams down on one knee!!!!

He had another black jewelry box (so you can imagine my hesitation) but this one looked official. Then, I saw that gorgeous ring! My face lit up and I couldn’t stop smiling for days. I couldn’t have picked out a more perfectly designed ring in my dreams. Of course I said yes and we sealed the evening with a kiss.