Jason and Lauren

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How We Met

We met online in July of 2015 (although we like to believe that we would have eventually met one way or another considering that we seemed to have had a few near misses in the past). I (Jason) had tried a few sites over the years with no long-term success, so I decided to try a new site just for kicks. Lauren was new to online dating but was taking a summer course in downtown Atlanta and really enjoyed being in the city and thought it would be nice to try to meet someone outside her normal area. She may have been new to it, but she wasn’t shy, quickly striking up a conversation with me after noticing that we each had the same tagline ” looking to find my partner in crime.” And so started our ” Bonnie and Clyde” adventure!

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We quickly went about setting up a first date, that had to be postponed because of us both having busy schedules, luckily second time for a first date was the charm and I decided to go all out rather than something as simple as coffee… What was supposed to be a round of miniature golf turned into an extended game, then drinks, and then dinner! After a first date that ended up lasting hours longer than we expected it to, both of us were hooked! What started off as the best first date either of us had ever had was quickly followed by equally awesome 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dates. We were both so intrigued after those first few dates, and partially because we both had a bit of concern that the other ” seemed too good to be true” that we ended up tracking each other down on Facebook to investigate more.

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I remember being so intrigued after those first few dates that I just had to look her up on Facebook and explore her page and what she had going on. She was so beautiful and I was curious about her life and knew that I wanted to continue to get to know her! Thankfully, the feelings were mutual and our relationship blossomed. We shared a love for many simple pleasures — of a great live band, of cooking meals from scratch together, and of experiencing the great outdoors. We lived an hour apart (me in Atlanta, Lauren in Gainesville) and while the distance was annoying, it was never an issue for us. If anything it doubled the number of experiences we got to share together, allowing us to really invite each other into our separate lives. There is never a lack of things to do in Atlanta and my place is right in the middle of it all and Gainesville is a much quieter and relaxed area. But no matter where we were or what we were doing, it always felt like we fit seamlessly into each other’s lives.

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how they asked

It was January 22, 2017, and serendipitously happened to also be the one day of snow that we had that whole winter. We were up in Gainesville for the weekend and Jason had been acting anxious all morning. I thought it was because one of our cats had escaped and been on the lam for about 2 weeks at that point and I thought he was just nervous about her being okay after the snow. He kept going out back and I could see him walking around a bit, presumably to look for the cat. Around lunch, Jason insisted that I ran to the grocery store to get a few things and needed to be gone at least 20 minutes. I laughed because he is terrible at keeping a secret and while I know what was coming, I had no idea how. I called one of my girlfriends as I walked around the store and told her that Jason was totally about to propose and we giggled about how impossible it is for him to play it cool when he gets excited. When I got back he suggested that we go for a walk before making lunch.

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We got all bundled up and manage to get up my icy driveway but we only made it about halfway around my neighborhood before he insisted that we go back to the house. Jason has always been a little twitchy, but at this point, he was positively buzzing with nervous energy. He suggests that we go out back and walk around to yell for our cat again. My backyard has a tall row of hedges and a walkway of grass before a row of full evergreen trees. We walk around the row of hedges there is snow all over everything. In the grassy area, the white ground is covered in dark red rose petals and he has a table with champagne set up and all the branches of the evergreen trees, that were hanging low because of the snow, are covered in dozens of pictures from our entire relationship. He dropped to one knee and I completely lost it! It was completely surreal and it was amazing to think that he got all of this set up in the time I was out of the house. The entire picture was beautiful and to have happened on the one day of snow we got made it feel like it snowed just for Jason to be able to perfectly pull it all together!

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