Jason and Emily

How We Met

Emily and Jason grew up not too far from each other, sharing mutual friends throughout grade school and high school. They attended high school together, crossing paths in class, on the track, and at parties, quickly becoming close friends. After two high school dances (and a month before prom) they decided that “best friends” should be boyfriend & girlfriend – it’s been high school sweethearts ever since!

how they asked

After nine years of dating, let’s just say Emily might have been anticipating a proposal. Jason wanted to make it unexpected, so he crafted an elaborate surprise that would include his and her family, her friends, and a proposal at sunset. While Emily thought Jason was sick back in Chicago, he secretly scoped out a private area of the beach in New Buffalo, Michigan over Memorial Day weekend with his business partners and photographers lying in wait among the sand dunes. Emily went to dinner with her family, and was then led down to the beach thinking all she was going to see was a beautiful sunset.

To her surprise, at the end of a long staircase down to the water’s edge, and to her right down a long strip of pristine beach, Jason was waiting looking a little too dressed up for an evening in the sand.

With family and friends looking on from the staircase behind them, Jason dropped to one knee just as the sun started to dip above the horizon and asked Emily to join him on the ultimate adventure, together.

Special Thanks

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