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This proposal was a dream, more than anything I could have imagined! ❤️?? Thank you so much to Ashley Nicole for helping him surprise me & create this magical moment! I’m so lucky to call you my best friend.✨ – Details: There are two things everyone knows I cannot say no to, #1 is food & #2 is shopping. So when Ashley asked me to grab lunch in downtown Westfield and shop around after work she knew I would be down with no questions asked. Little did I know that a suggestion to stop at the park along the way, on a gorgeous day, would lead me to all of this. But after turning the corner, there he was standing with a bouquet of long stem roses in front of a white gazebo fully decked with banners, balloons, and a red carpet with more rose petals. (Cue the water works)? It was the most romantic thing I have ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Right then and there is where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I could barely speak but I somehow managed to sob YES!

Jason and Desirae's Engagement in Wesfield, New Jersey

A few mins later after everyone stops crying, Ashley then tells me she has a dress and shoes in the car to change into right away and tells me she will be taking a photo-shoot of the whole thing. Someone please pinch me! And yes more pics to come! #happilyeverauriema #justsaidyes #theknot #engaged #loveconquersall

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