Christina and Jason

How We Met

Our relationship began like most post 2015 relationships do…Tinder. While it may not have not have been a true “love at first swipe” it wasn’t long after we met that we realized how compatible we were together! Dates went from weeks apart to days apart it wasn’t long before Tyler (Jason’s son) was introduced to the relationship with open arms! Then, a New Years trip to Nashville set the stage for an action packed 2016 that was filled with amazing memories of the newly forming family!

how they asked

Jason took me on amazing two week cruise in the Mediterranean Sea. And then at our first stop on January 8, 2017 he popped the question in Valetta, Malta. The proposal was captured by a local photographer who helped orchestrate the proposal in the birth place of Jason’s Nanu and Nana, which now holds an extra special place in both of our hearts!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Valletta, Malta

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Valletta, Malta

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