Jason and Brittany


How We Met: Jason and Brittany had both been looking for the other though it wasn’t before Jason expanded his Match.com search to “300 miles” that “Shweetcheeks” and “JRo0407″ would find one another and begin the first of many long distance conversations.

Brittany reached out to Jason first: …”I know there is a bit of distance between us, but I’m a firm believer in quality over proximity. –Britt”
Eager to interact, Jason replied the same day. After many emails their conversations moved to phone calls where they’d talk for hours at a time. Phone calls turned to Skype chats and they knew the time was approaching for them to meet in person.

They decided to meet in Raleigh, North Carolina, a decent drive for both of them but a “mutual” location. They decided to park at and meet at the Sheraton, downtown and go to their dinner reservation together. Well, just as before on phone calls, they ended up talking for hours and missed their dinner reservation! Thus, they went to plan B and dined at Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern that evening.

In Jason’s words, “The food was excellent, but nothing compared to the chemistry and conversation we shared.”

After their initial meeting in downtown Raleigh, they were hooked. They would Skype every single weeknight (for hours at a time) and drive over 11 hours several weekends just to see each other for a couple of days. This was becoming a journey of attraction, laughter, admiration, friendship, comfort, and yes LOVE like they’ve never experienced before. In their own words, “As we grew closer with each passing day, it became clear that there was a greater power with a greater love and a greater plan that brought us together for a greater purpose.”

how they asked – by photographer Mikkel Paige: Jason contacted their proposal photographer, Mikkel Paige, after turning to HowTheyAsked for recommendations. His enthusiasm shined through from his initial contact email. He could not wait to ask Brittany to marry him! He originally set out to plan the proposal for a weekend in May but was too excited to wait! Thus, he planned for a trip down “memory lane” with Brittany the weekend of April 25th, when they’d travel back to Raleigh from Charlotte (where they currently reside) to relive their first moments of meeting.

Through a lot of planning, via coordination with the event team at the Sheraton, to emails with wedding planners from Orangerie Events and A Southern Soiree, to many conversations with Mikkel Paige, their photographer, to hiring a videographer to capture action of the event, and of course ensuring family was secretly there to help celebrate after Jason got down on bended knee, the scene was set for a perfect proposal.

mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0001 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0002 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0003 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0004 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0005 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0006 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0007 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0008 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0009 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0010

At around 7:15pm on a memorable Saturday at the end of April, Jason and Brittany appeared in the hotel lobby as their family secretly looked on from above. They cuddled and reminisced about the moment Brittany came up the escalator and Jason saw her for the first time in person. It was like cupid struck – and he asked her to come up that escalator once again. They hugged and kissed simply recalling it all and how far they’d come since that moment but this time Jason got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife. Of course, she said “YES!” With tears of joy streaming down her face she turned around to see her family cheering them on!

mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0011 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0012 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0013 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0014 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0015 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0016 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0017 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0018 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0019 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0022

The evening continued from there! Jason made special reservations for a party of 14, for everyone to celebrate at Second Empire Restaurant and Tavern, where Brittany and Jason had dined years before that first night they met in person, and to continue with after dinner drinks at jazz club, C Grace, as they had been to years before as well.

mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0025 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0023 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0024 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0027 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0028 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0029 mikkelpaige-raleigh_wedding_proposal_0030

The two are now busy planning a beach wedding for this fall!

Photography by Mikkel Paige
Flowers by 
Eclectic Sage
Ring by 
Diamond Direct
Cake by
Advice from wedding planners by
Orangerie Events and A Southern Soiree