Ashley and Jason

How We Met: We met through my mother. Jason and my mom worked at the same place and she always told me I should let this nice young man at the job take me out.

Of course I said no! Like who’s mother hooks them up on a date?! Lol. I did a little research and found him on Facebook and thought he was pretty handsome, so I went in for the old “Facebook message”. I let him take me out on a date and the rest is history!

Image 1 of Ashley and Jasonhow they asked: I teach 2nd grade and Jason knows how much I love my students so when he proposed in front of the entire 2nd grade team and administration I was totally blown away!

It was a Wednesday afternoon and my students had a performance to practice for, but the director wasn’t there that day.

So we had to cancel it. Around 2PM the students were getting ready to go P.E and the principal came into my room and told me that even though the lady didn’t come today, she wanted to see the kids practice anyways.

We marched down to the cafeteria and the principal wanted my students in the front row, I’m like are you sure?! Lol! After about ten minutes all 150 second graders were in the cafeteria ready to practice. The principal grabs the microphone, and says they wanted to acknowledge me and how great I had been doing these past couple of months.

I was like just thinking okay. She told me to sit on the stage and my students held up sunflower posters they made! “Those are my favorite”! Then the curtain rolled up and there was Jason on one knee! I was so shocked! It was by far the BEST proposal ever!!! And of course I said yes!