Jason and Ashley's Las Vegas Proposal

How We Met

We were both 10 years old playing little league baseball against each other (I was a tomboy back then), he was by far the best one for our age and of course my dad had to go make friends and compliment how good he was for being so good. Throughout the years we had always played against each other and would play together before or after our game until we grew older. Finally in high school we ended up going to the same school where we were “best friends” I and everyone knew he was in love with me. I continued to go through boyfriends as he patiently waited for me and was always a shoulder to cry on after each heart break. Fast forward to college, he went off to Dallas and I stayed home, we continued to be friends but our friendship began to become distant. Finally Christmas break came and he was home for a month. We hung out every day until he had to go back. When he got back to school we were back to normal talking everyday non-stop. A week went by then one night he packed up all his bags and came home. I denied it but I knew why. He enrolled at my school and we took classes together, spending every day studying and doing our homework. Spring break rolled around and he wanted to go to the beach, I knew my parents wouldn’t let me they were super strict, but for some reason they said if Jason was going I could go because they knew he would take care of me. We ended up going together and that’s when everything became real and we knew we were an “item”. Another year flew by and we transferred to the same college further from home still inseparable and that is where we still are together today.

how they asked

On Thursday October 29th I got a text from my grandma saying that she had 2 free plane tickets but they had to be used by November 4th, the following Wednesday. Not sure if Jason would be up for a spontaneous trip I asked if he’d like to go to Vegas for 1 full day and just be tourists and he said yes! We booked the flights and hotel that night and would leave Monday after my class. The next day Jason rushed back to San Antonio to ask my dad for permission, it took him a hour but he finally asked, and go talk to his uncle, a jeweler, to see if he could get a ring by Sunday. Our first night there we got in late so we just stayed in our hotel and walked around the casino. It had many wedding chapels and each time we passed one I would joke about them and say “lets get married”, after about the second time he freaked out and told me to stop saying that. The next day we woke up early to get a full day in and went to tour the strip, he told me we had fancy dinner reservations at Caesars Palace so we didn’t eat all day and went in early to get ready for our big dinner. He had everything planned out where we would visit some casinos on the other side of the strip then walk over the overlook bridge to Caesars at 4:45. When it was time to go to our “reservations” we headed over the bridge, midway over Jason stopped and asked me to change my shoes because I was in flats to walk around, confused as to why because we weren’t there yet and it was freezing so I refused. He insisted I change them and I had no idea why but after a few refusals I finally caved in and changed them. Jason then suggested we go take a picture in front of Caesars together on the overlook, when we got over there he then said he wanted to take it with the GoPro, again confused as to why my phone wouldn’t be good enough I pulled out my phone but he had to get the picture with his GoPro. As he bent down to get the GoPro out of his case he dropped to a knee and pulled out a beautiful ring instead popping the question. I couldn’t believe my eyes and asked if it was real, then I heard a crowd around us cheering and Jason had the biggest smile on his face, my heart dropped and I filled with excitement saying yes!!! Once we were done celebrating our wonderful photographers came out of hiding, being a photographer myself I was so happy Jason got this special moment captured for us to remember for the rest of our lives and relive that amazing moment over and over.

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